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A Year in Office: Tinubu’s Administration’s Milestones and Contributions to Nigeria’s Progression


Tinubu’s Administration Has Laid Solid Foundation for Brighter Future, Says Minister

The administration under President Bola Tinubu has, within its first year in office, established a robust foundation aimed at ensuring sustained growth and progression, paving the way for a more radiant future for the citizens of Nigeria, conveyed Mohammed Idris, the Minister of Information and National Orientation.

Marking the completion of a year since the inception of the Tinubu administration, the Minister expressed that the government has engaged in courageous economic reforms. These reforms have not only stabilized the national economy but have also ignited a pathway toward extensive growth.

Idris elaborated on the remarkable advancements achieved in various sectors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and security by the Tinubu government. One of the pivotal actions taken was the removal of the fuel subsidy, which, according to Idris, directed nearly $10 billion annually towards the financing of essential sectors, significantly reducing petrol importation by 50 percent and enhancing the revenues of state and local governments.

Furthermore, the minister pointed out the government’s success in eliminating the foreign exchange subsidy and standardizing FOREX rates, which fortified the economy. This led to the Nigerian Stock Exchange emerging as the globally top-performing bourse, alongside invigorating the Nigerian Naira.

Within just a year, the Tinubu administration has managed to attract over $30 billion in investments, thereby augmenting Nigeria’s economic relations on a worldwide scale.

Highlighting the government’s focus on security, Idris mentioned the remarkable efforts in liberating over 4,600 hostages, neutralizing around 9,300 criminals, and detaining 7,000 terrorists and bandits. The security forces have been successful in seizing thousands of weapons and ammunition, playing a significant role in the fight against insurgency and banditry.

In the arena of food security, the administration has restructured the Ministry of Agriculture into the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security among initiatives like the National Agricultural Development Fund and the Dry Season Farming Initiative. These measures are aimed at boosting agricultural output and ensuring the country’s self-sufficiency in food.

Idris also touched upon the advancements made in managing the country’s energy and natural resources. Measures have been implemented to secure the Niger Delta region, thereby increasing oil production rates and stabilizing natural gas outputs.

From an infrastructure standpoint, the government has made notable investments in improving the transportation network. This includes the activation of new rail lines, initiation of the Lagos-Calabar Super Highway, and the start of the Engineering Design of the Sokoto-Badagry Highway.

Furthermore, the healthcare and education sectors have seen considerable enhancements. The expansion of primary health centers and the introduction of the Student Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act underline the administration’s commitment to these areas.

To mitigate the economic adjustments’ impact, the government launched various interventions. These include implementing a new wage award of N35,000 monthly for civil servants, the establishment of a tripartite committee for wage restructuring, and the initiation of an Infrastructure Support Fund for the states.

“As we move forward, the Tinubu administration remains committed to its vision of a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous Nigeria, underpinned by strategic investments, youth empowerment, and improved governance,” Idris concluded, assuring the populace of the government’s relentless pursuit of national development and prosperity.

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Alexandra Bennett
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