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Alaska Airlines Unveils New Winter Routes: Connecting Los Angeles with La Paz and Monterrey


New Nonstop Routes Connect Los Angeles to La Paz and Monterrey

As the winter months roll in, drawing travelers towards sunnier skies, Alaska Airlines announces an expansion that caters perfectly to the seasonal wanderlust. This winter, the airline is set to embark on new journeys to two of Mexico’s most inviting destinations: La Paz and Monterrey. With these additions, Alaska Airlines enhances its international presence, ensuring its passengers have memorable winter getaways to look forward to.

Starting November 2024, Alaska Airlines is poised to be the sole U.S. carrier providing non-stop flights connecting Los Angeles with La Paz, the tranquil coastal allure nestled in Baja California Sur. This unique service not only invites travelers to explore the serene landscapes and underwater marvels of La Paz but also marks a significant milestone in Alaska Airlines’ efforts to bridge destinations. By February 2025, the airline will further its reach by introducing daily nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Monterrey, a city celebrated for its rich industrial heritage and vibrant cultural scene.

The anticipation for these routes is palpable, with tickets going on sale from July 3, exclusively on the airline’s website. Kirsten Amrine, Vice President of Revenue Management and Network Planning at Alaska Airlines, shared her enthusiasm about the expansion. “After 35 years of dedicated service to Mexico, we’re thrilled to be enhancing our network with these exciting additions. These new routes underscore our commitment to connecting travelers with Mexico’s diverse cultural landscapes and natural wonders.”

La Paz, with its laid-back ambiance, offers a retreat into nature’s arms with unforgettable diving and fishing experiences. The city’s offerings have not gone unnoticed, as Maribel Collins, Minister of Tourism and Economy for Baja California Sur, welcomes the new service. She acknowledges Alaska Airlines’ pivotal role in boosting La Paz’s tourism and its potential to draw more visitors from the United States.

Conversely, Monterrey stands as a testament to Mexico’s modernity meshed with tradition. Set against a backdrop of stunning mountains, its culinary and cultural vibrancy attract travelers from across the globe. The services slated to begin in February 2025 are a nod to the city’s growing appeal as both a business and leisure destination. Ricardo Dueñas, CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte, expressed his optimism about the route, emphasizing its importance in enhancing Monterrey’s connectivity with the West Coast and beyond.

Alaska Airlines is celebrated for its commitment to a premium travel experience. With no change fees, generous legroom across First and Premium classes, and a rewarding Mileage Plan, passengers are assured of comfort and convenience. The airline also elevates the travel experience with West Coast-inspired gastronomy and a curated selection of beverages.

Moreover, the integration of Alaska Vacations packages simplifies travel planning. Offering an amalgamation of flights, hotels, car rentals, and unique experiences, these packages are designed to cater to varied travel preferences and ensure a hassle-free journey.

Serving over 120 destinations across North and Central America, Alaska Airlines is notable for its exceptional customer service and the Mileage Plan, its celebrated loyalty program. With its inclusion in the oneworld Alliance, the airline extends the scope for its passengers to earn and redeem miles, promising a more enriched global travel experience.

With the introduction of these new nonstop services to La Paz and Monterrey, Alaska Airlines reaffirms its position as a leading carrier from the West Coast to Mexico, promising memorable journeys to its patrons. Whether it’s the relaxing beaches of La Paz or the dynamic streets of Monterrey, these destinations await with open arms, promising diverse experiences to every traveler flying with Alaska Airlines.

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