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Alat’s Strategic Alliances Usher in new Era for Technological Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia


Alat Announces Four Partnerships to Boost Technological Manufacturing in Saudi Arabia

In a notable advancement for the technology sector in Saudi Arabia, Alat, a pioneer in revolutionizing global industries, particularly in electronics and industrials, has declared the establishment of four strategic alliances with major global corporations. These collaborations are set with Softbank Group, Carrier Corporation, Dahua Technology, and Tahakom. As a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), Alat’s mission is to champion sustainable manufacturing practices to aid these international entities in lowering their carbon footprint and advancing towards carbon-neutral production. This initiative aligns with Alat’s broader goal to expedite its mission by linking with leading global enterprises to foster innovation and industry transformation, emphasizing clean energy use.

With an ambitious investment plan of US$100 billion earmarked for the next decade, Alat aims to significantly uplift the technological landscape within Saudi Arabia. This venture is poised not only to benefit the swift growth of the local tech sector but also to bolster the private sector and improve the business environment by integrating advanced business systems and forming partnerships with top-tier technology manufacturers globally.

Amit Midha, Global CEO of Alat, shared his vision, stating, “Together with our international and regional partners, the first four of which we are honored to announce today, we are set to redefine sustainable manufacturing. Our directive is deeply rooted in capitalizing on the Kingdom’s abundance of solar, wind, and green hydrogen resources to facilitate clean energy harnessing. Our approach involves relentlessly applying technology to evolve businesses, incorporating state-of-the-art AI and fourth industrial revolution advancements in manufacturing. This endeavor extends beyond merely adopting clean energy; it entails integrating sustainability across all operational facets, including our buildings, logistics, and supply chains, with sustainability serving as the cornerstone of our entire operation.”

The collaborations unveiled today mark a significant milestone in Alat’s journey and ambitions:

  • Softbank Group: Partnering with Softbank Group, a global technology investment giant, Alat plans to launch an industrial automation venture in Saudi Arabia, focusing on innovative industrial robot manufacturing. An investment of up to US$150 million is set to establish a highly automated manufacturing and engineering hub aimed at catering to both local and international markets, with the inauguration scheduled for December 2024.
  • Carrier Corporation: Teaming up with Carrier Corporation, a leader in smart climate and energy solutions, Alat aims to develop a sophisticated manufacturing and R&D facility within the Kingdom. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions significantly in buildings and enhance their energy efficiency dramatically through advanced HVAC solutions. This initiative is expected to generate over 5,000 local job opportunities.
  • Dahua Technology Ltd: A leading security and safety solutions manufacturer, Dahua Technology will begin production in the region through a joint venture. This venture intends to manufacture and market safety and surveillance solutions suitable for Intelligent Cities and Buildings, and Enterprise Applications. Alat and Dahua Technology are injecting US$200M into establishing Alat AIVisio Technology Co. Ltd., as well as a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Saudi Technology and Security Comprehensive Control Company (Tahakom): In collaboration with Tahakom, a developer of ITS, AI, and cutting-edge safety solutions, Alat aims to enhance smart mobility and intelligent cities solutions. This partnership aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and includes joint efforts in solution designs, product specifications, R&D, and technology innovation.

Alat is set to develop manufacturing capabilities across seven distinct business units, including semiconductors, smart devices, smart buildings, smart appliances, smart health, advanced industrials, and next-gen infrastructure. Initially, Alat plans to manufacture products across 34 categories within these seven units. To guide each of these strategic units, Alat has engaged some of the world’s most seasoned industry experts.

Through these strategically crafted partnerships and a robust investment strategy, Alat is well-positioned to make significant strides in transforming the technological manufacturing landscape in Saudi Arabia, contributing to the nation’s economic diversification and technological innovation vision.

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Jordan Clark
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