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Ambuja Cements: Unveiling Rs 1,000 Crore Investment in New Jharkhand Grinding Unit


Ambuja Cements Announces Major Investment in Jharkhand for New Grinding Unit

Ambuja Cements, which has recently become a part of the Adani Group, announced on Wednesday its ambitious plan to invest Rs 1,000 crore in establishing a new cement grinding unit in Jharkhand. The proposed unit, boasting a capacity of 4 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA), is set to be located in the Godda district, following the acquisition of all requisite approvals.

The company outlined that this strategic move aims at leveraging the close proximity to Adani Power (Jharkhand) Ltd to address the disposal of fly ash in an environmentally friendly manner. This initiative is in alignment with enhancing the circular economy, showcasing Ambuja Cements’ commitment to sustainable practices.

The establishment of this new grinding unit is anticipated to create a significant socio-economic impact by generating both direct and indirect employment opportunities for over 2,500 individuals. This development reaffirms Ambuja Cements’ influence in the region, where it already operates two cement plants with a combined capacity of 6 MTPA, underscoring its role in Jharkhand’s industrial growth.

“We believe that Jharkhand holds immense potential in terms of resources, infrastructure, and skilled manpower, making it an ideal location for this project. We look forward to working closely with the state to ensure the successful implementation of this project,” stated Ajay Kapur, CEO of Cement Business at Ambuja Cements.

The announcement comes on the heels of Ambuja Cements, together with its subsidiary ACC Ltd, acquiring Sanghi Industries Ltd. This acquisition has significantly expanded its footprint in the cement sector, bringing its total capacity to 74.6 MTPA. The comprehensive portfolio now includes 18 integrated cement manufacturing plants and 14 cement grinding units across the country, marking a significant milestone in Ambuja Cements’ expansion strategy.

This investment in Jharkhand is a testament to Ambuja Cements’ dedication to bolstering its infrastructure development and augmenting its production capabilities. The move is poised to not only address the growing demand for cement but also contribute positively to the regional economy through job creation and the promotion of sustainable industrial practices.

As Ambuja Cements continues to earmark substantial investments for its expansion and operational enhancement, the firm solidifies its position as a frontline contributor to India’s cement industry. The new grinding unit in Jharkhand is a step forward in its long-term vision for growth, sustainable development, and community welfare.

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