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An Investor’s Guide: Evaluating Valmont Industries for Dividend Sustainability and Growth Potential


Valmont Industries (NYSE:VMI) Could Be A Buy For Its Upcoming Dividend

If you’re eyeing Valmont Industries, Inc. (NYSE:VMI) for its dividend prospects, the clock is ticking. The stock is on the verge of its ex-dividend date, which is crucial for investors wishing to secure the next payout. To be eligible for the dividend payment, investors need to own the stock before the 28th of June, as the dividends will be disbursed on the 15th of July.

The forthcoming dividend from Valmont Industries is set at US$0.60 per share. Looking back over the last year, the company has paid a total of US$2.40 per share. With the current price of US$273.87, this yields approximately 0.9%. Naturally, dividends are a vital income source for many investors, but the sustainability of these payments depends heavily on the company’s financial health.

Understanding Valmont Industries’ Dividend Sustainability

When a company’s dividend exceeds its earnings, the payout is at risk. Fortunately, Valmont Industries maintains a modest payout ratio of 32% of its profit, which suggests a lower risk of cuts. Moreover, it’s encouraging to see that the dividend is also covered by cash flow, with only 23% of free cash flow paid out over the last year.

This balance is a positive indicator of dividend sustainability, providing a safety margin in case of earnings fluctuations.

Revenue Growth and Dividend Sustainability

For dividends to grow, it’s imperative that the company’s earnings do too. A decline in earnings could lead to a reduced dividend. On the bright side, Valmont Industries has seen its earnings per share increase by 11% annually over the past five years. Retaining more than half of its earnings, the company seems poised for reinvestment and growth, which could lead to higher dividends in the future.

Valmont Industries’ Dividend Growth Record

The company’s decade-long record of 9.1% average annual dividend growth is commendable. This growth, coupled with earnings increase, suggests a dedicated effort to reward shareholders and potentially increase dividends as earnings rise.

Final Thoughts

Valmont Industries presents a compelling case for dividend investors with its balanced approach to payout ratios and cash flow coverage. The commitment to growing earnings while maintaining a conservative dividend payout bodes well for future sustainability. With such promising fundamentals, Valmont Industries merits closer examination by those looking for solid dividend-paying stocks.

However, no investment comes without risks. For those considering Valmont Industries, it’s prudent to assess potential challenges the company faces. Acknowledging these risks, alongside the financial analysis, forms a crucial part of a thorough investment strategy.

If a robust dividend portfolio is your goal, exploring a variety of strong dividend payers is advisable. For those keen on expanding their dividend stock options, delving deeper into the market’s top dividend stocks is a logical next step.

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