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Anghami and Rotana Music Renew and Broaden Partnership: A New Era for the Arabic Music Scene


Anghami and Rotana Renew Partnership and Expand Scope of Collaborations

The music industry is witnessing a significant stride in the partnership landscape as Anghami, the premier music streaming company, and Rotana Music, the leading record label, announce the renewal and expansion of their collaborative efforts. This development signifies an exciting phase in their ongoing relationship, which first began in 2012, setting the stage for a wider range of releases and joint endeavors in the coming three years.

Eddy Maroun, Co-Founder & CEO of Anghami, expressed enthusiasm about the renewed relationship with Rotana, underscoring their shared goal of enriching the Arabic music scene. “We are excited to renew and broaden our partnership with Rotana, reaffirming our dedication to offering users unparalleled content and experiences. This three-year agreement highlights our shared vision to continuously elevate the Arabic music landscape and offer unique opportunities to both artists and fans,” Maroun stated.

The terms of the updated agreement, finalized in early February 2024, extend beyond the standard licensing pact. It not only provides Anghami with access to Rotana’s extensive catalog of Arabic music but also encompasses cooperative initiatives such as live concerts and artist collaborations, all set to be featured on Anghami’s platform.

Rotana Music’s CEO, Mr. Salem al-Hindi, shared his perspective on this alliance’s renewal, highlighting Rotana’s longstanding commitment to revolutionizi ining the regional music industry. “Rotana has always been a pioneer in its field to serve and delight the Saudi, Gulf, and Arab audiences with whom we have built over the years a bridge of trust and appreciation in order for them to acquire excellence from Rotana in everything they seek. To achieve this in the music and entertainment industry, keeping pace with market changes and expanding the circle of creativity and innovation, and after cooperation with the Anghami platform that yielded positive results, we are pleased to renew this partnership,” said al-Hindi. He further added, “This will also contribute to consolidating the strong relationship between Rotana and its artists. We are all confident that what is coming between Rotana and Anghami will help expand our presence by delivering Rotana music to listeners worldwide.”

The renewed partnership between Anghami and Rotana marks a forward-looking step in nurturing the regional music landscape. By broadening the scope of their collaboration, both entities are set to enhance the accessibility of Arabic music to global audiences, fostering a vibrant music community that celebrates and supports the creativity of artists across the region.

As both parties venture into this expanded agreement, the anticipation grows for the innovative projects and collaborations that will emerge, promising a dynamic and enriched music experience for fans around the world.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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