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Annual Bhomag-Jadsarkote Devta Mela: Preparation and Expectations for the 2024 Cultural Event in Udhampur


Arrangements for Annual Bhomag-Jadsarkote Devta Mela Finalised

The administrative gears are in motion for the annual Bhomag-Jadsarkote Devta Mela, set to begin on July 5, 2024, in Block Tikri of the Udhampur district. In anticipation of this significant event, a comprehensive planning meeting was convened to ensure its seamless execution.

Presided over by Udhampur’s Deputy Commissioner, Saloni Rai, the meeting saw participation from a cross-section of administration officials. The assembly took place in the Conference Hall within the DC Office Complex, where the event’s various logistical needs were thoroughly discussed.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Joginder Singh; Additional Deputy Commissioner, Joginder Singh Jasrotia; and other notable officials such as Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anil Manhas, and District Information Officer Rajinder Digra marked their presence. Together, they delved into the specifics of what is required to make the Mela a resounding success. From security and sanitation to transportation and utilities, every conceivable aspect was covered.

In her directive, DC Saloni Rai underscored the importance of coordination among the district officers to ensure all arrangements are finalised well in advance of the Mela’s commencement. She appealed to the members of the local mela committee to actively engage and contribute towards the success of the event. The DC’s emphasis on public participation brought to light the broader objectives of promoting tourism and energising the local economy through such cultural gatherings.

With the expected influx of visitors, essential services such as water and power were given special attention. The Executive Engineer of the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department was tasked with ensuring an adequate supply of drinking water. Concurrently, the Xen PDD was directed to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply throughout the event. Road maintenance was also prioritized, with instructions to fill all potholes promptly, ensuring smooth access to the mela site.

The healthcare arrangements for the event have also been meticulously planned. The Chief Medical Officer has been instructed to arrange for a team of doctors and an ambulance to be stationed at the mela site, ready to provide first aid and handle any medical emergencies.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining cleanliness, the Block Development Officer is to oversee a comprehensive cleanliness drive in and around the mela site. Additionally, the Chief Education Officer will curate a variety of cultural programs and events, promising an engaging and entertaining experience for attendees.

The annual Bhomag-Jadsarkote Devta Mela is not just a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage but also a significant opportunity to bolster community spirit and economic activity. With the administration leaving no stone unturned to ensure its success, the event promises to be a memorable one for both locals and visitors alike.

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Alexandra Bennett
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