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Another Year of Exceptional Profits for NatWest: A Deep Dive into Their Financial Performance and Future Prospects


Another Year of Exceptional Profits for NatWest

NatWest has emerged from a tumultuous period, marred by the controversy of ‘de-banking’ and the departure of its esteemed former chief executive, Dame Alison Rose, yet it reports a striking surge in its annual profits. The bank has confirmed Paul Thwaite as its new permanent CEO, succeeding Dame Alison, signaling a new chapter in its storied history.

Unwavering Profitability

Against the backdrop of challenges, NatWest’s financial performance stands robust. The bank, a principal financier to small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK, recorded a remarkable pre-tax operating profit of £6.2 billion, marking a 20% increase from the previous year. This achievement notably surpasses market predictions and represents NatWest’s most substantial profits since the 2007 global financial crisis.

The noteworthy financial uplift can partly be attributed to the rising interest rates that prevailed until August 2023, enhancing the bank’s net interest margin – the difference between interest income generated and the amount of interest paid out to lenders.

Exceeding Expectations

Across various metrics, NatWest’s financial results have outstripped anticipations. The bank’s operating profit before tax for the quarter ending the year at £1.3 billion, though a 12% decrease from the previous year’s quarter, still exceeded foresights.

Furthermore, despite a slight decrease in the net interest margin for the last quarter and an increase in provisions for loan losses to £578 million for the year, the figures were more promising than anticipated. The bank also outperformed expectations regarding earnings per share, return on tangible equity (RoTE), and dividends, underscoring a robust financial standing.

Economic Outlook and Future Prospects

With its astonishing performance, NatWest has generated a ripple of optimism about its future and the broader UK economy. The bank anticipates a drop in the Bank of England’s main policy rate but maintains a positive outlook on the UK’s GDP growth for the coming years, albeit amidst acknowledged economic uncertainties.

New CEO Paul Thwaite highlighted customer trends of debt reduction in high-interest environments and an uptick in mortgage demand, suggesting healthy consumer financial behavior. Yet, he also noted a muted overall demand, painting a guardedly optimistic picture of the future.

Despite the prospect of lowering interest rates potentially challenging profit growth, NatWest is focusing on simplifying operations and seizing market share opportunities, particularly in mortgages and unsecured lending. Mr. Thwaite expressed a commitment to maximizing performance and returns, ensuring the bank’s continuous provision of value to both customers and shareholders.


As the government gears up for a public share offer in NatWest, the bank’s recent performance instills confidence in its trajectory. Nevertheless, facing a changing interest rate landscape and economic uncertainties, NatWest must navigate carefully to sustain its growth and profitability. The path ahead, while promising, requires strategic focus and adaptability to the evolving economic conditions and market demands.

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Jordan Clark
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