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Aviva Appoints Karen Dayal as New Chief Underwriting Officer for Commercial Lines: A Strategic Move for Future Growth


Aviva Announces New Chief Underwriting Officer for Commercial Lines

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to the commercial lines sector, Aviva has named Karen Dayal as its new Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) for commercial lines. This strategic appointment is geared towards reinforcing Aviva’s general insurance strategy, with a particular focus on commercial lines.

In this pivotal role, Dayal will be tasked with shaping and directing Aviva’s underwriting approach across its commercial lines portfolio. Her responsibilities will involve ensuring coherence and superior governance both within the global, corporate, and specialty (GCS) segments, as well as the SME business spectrum.

Effective immediately, Dayal will commence her duties, offering her expertise directly under the guidance of Jason Storah, the Chief Executive Officer of UK and Ireland general insurance. Storah has expressed his enthusiasm for Dayal’s appointment, stating, “She will be an exceptional addition to the GI ExCo and play an important role in accelerating us towards our ambitions.”

The introduction of Dayal into this significant role follows Aviva’s July 2023 announcement, detailing the creation of new underwriting positions aimed at propelling the growth of its GCS sector. The decision to appoint Dayal is a clear signal to the industry of Aviva’s prioritization and growth aspirations within the commercial lines sector.

Dayal brings to the table a wealth of experience from her four-year tenure at Aviva, most recently serving as the director of exposure management, pricing, and insight for commercial lines. Her ascendancy to the CUO position is a testament to her profound knowledge and strategic insight into the commercial lines market.

“I believe this appointment demonstrates how important commercial lines is to our general insurance strategy in the UK, and I look forward to the team continuing their great work,” Storah remarked, reflecting both confidence and optimism towards the future of Aviva’s commercial lines under Dayal’s stewardship.

Mark Dunham, who admirably fulfilled the duties of the Chief Underwriting Officer for commercial lines on an interim basis, will revert to his permanent role as head of commercial lines underwriting, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity in leadership.

Aviva’s strategic decision to bring Karen Dayal into the fold as the Chief Underwriting Officer for commercial lines signifies a pivotal moment for the company, as it seeks to bolster its position and drive growth within the competitive commercial insurance landscape.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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