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Bengaluru Celebrates Women Empowerment: A Glimpse into a City Revering Women Power


Bengaluru Gives Three Cheers to Women Power

This year, Bengaluru celebrated International Women’s Day with a thematic focus on “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress,” powering through various events that spotlighted the indispensable role of women in propelling societal advances. Through varied initiatives, the city paid a glowing tribute to the contributions of women across different spectra of life.

A New Horizon: Akka Cafe

In a significant move towards empowering women through livelihood missions, Bengaluru witnessed the inauguration of the first Akka cafe. Set at the bustling intersection of Kempegowda Road and Kalidasa Road in Gandhinagar, this cafe stands out as it’s entirely managed and run by women. This initiative is part of the government’s Department of Skill Development, which aims to provide meaningful livelihoods for women, elevating both their economic status and self-reliance.

Eco-friendly Innovations by Women Ecopreneurs

The city, often heralded as India’s IT capital, hosted an inspiring event titled ‘Bridging Gaps to Emerging Solutions’ at the Bangalore Creative Circus. More than 30 women ecopreneurs gathered to exhibit their innovative green solutions, ranging from sustainable business ideas to projects aimed at advancing India’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). This event was a collaboration between the #GreenHustlers initiative and Bharat Climate Startup, offering a vibrant platform for women to showcase their contributions towards a sustainable future.

Fostering Inclusion and Diversity

Further emphasizing the day’s spirit, the Canadian International School’s Girl Up Club organized an event underpinning the theme #InspireInclusion. Their initiative aimed at cultivating a diverse culture, challenging prevailing societal norms, and empowering individuals to advocate for inclusivity. “Our goal is to build a community that not only challenges stereotypes but also empowers every individual to make a valuable contribution towards a more includive future,” shared Shreya, a Class 11 student and an active member of the Girl Up Club.

Special Tribute to Women Delivery Partners

In a heartwarming initiative, Swiggy, the popular delivery platform, decided to honor its women delivery workers with a special lunch. Attended by more than 20 women delivery partners along with their families, the event featured a joyous cake-cutting ceremony. It was a gesture of appreciation towards these women who diligently work every day to bring groceries, food, and smiles to the people of Bengaluru.

Awareness Drive at Greenwood High International School

Celebrating the day with a focus on health and well-being, Greenwood High International School organized an awareness session on cervical and breast cancer. Niru Agarwal, a trustee of the school, highlighted the importance of the event, “We believe in empowering our students and their families with the right information. Having a cancer specialist address do’s and don’ts for cancer prevention is a step towards ensuring a healthier future for our women.”

All-Women Crew Manages Rajya Rani Express

In an empowering showcase of women’s capabilities in traditionally male-dominated fields, the Bengaluru Railway Division marked International Women’s Day in an extraordinary manner. The Rajya Rani Express, traveling from Bengaluru to Mysuru, was operated entirely by an all-women crew. From the loco pilot and assistant loco pilot to the train manager, ticket checking staff, and security personnel; every role was filled by women. This remarkable initiative was flagged off by Arvind Srivastava, General Manager, SWR, symbolizing a progressive step towards gender equality in all professions.

Through these diverse celebrations and meaningful initiatives, Bengaluru not only commemorated International Women’s Day but also reinforced its commitment to investing in women. By acknowledging their invaluable contributions and pushing for an inclusive future, the city set a commendable example of accelerating progress by empowering women.

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