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Beyoung: The Udaipur-based D2C Fashion Brand Aiming for a Rs 650 Cr GMV – An Inside Look


Meet Beyoung, Udaipur-based D2C Fashion Brand Eyeing Rs 650 Cr GMV

As the Indian e-commerce landscape evolves, innovative direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands are carving out significant niches for themselves. A standout story in this transformative era is that of Beyoung, a refreshing and dynamic entrant based in Udaipur, which has quickly become a name synonymous with aspirational yet affordable fashion. Founded in 2018, Beyoung has already marked its territory in the dense fashion market by delivering over 20 lakh online orders. Continuing its meteoric rise, Beyoung now aims to supercharge its journey by inaugurating 300 more stores across India and aims to double its Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) to Rs 650 crore by 2027.

The Genesis of Beyoung

The journey of Beyoung began with a clear vision—to tap into the essentials market with a unique proposition. Identifying a gaping void in the market for aspirational yet accessible fashion in India’s tier 2, 3, and 4 cities, Shivam Soni, the founder, envisaged Beyoung as the bridge to this gap. The brand’s mission was straightforward: to deliver quality, branded fashion products that cater to the ‘Real Bharat,’ where the mass market resides, seeking value alongside aspirations.

Addressing Industry Challenges Head-on

Engaging with a diverse audience pool spread across India comes with its own set of intricate challenges. From orchestrating product and marketing strategies that resonate across varied regional spectrums to managing a seamless supply chain for timely deliveries, the road is fraught with hurdles. Bespoke to Udaipur, the challenge of assembling a skilled workforce in a Tier 3 city further adds to the complexity. Yet, through a smart blend of technology and data-driven solutions, Beyoung has been navigating these challenges, continually adapting and realigning its strategies to meet the nuanced demands of its widespread clientele.

The Growth Trajectory

Beyoung’s journey since inception paints a picture of rapid growth and market penetration. Today, proud of a 5 million-strong customer base, the brand underlines the power of clear vision and robust engagement strategies. Interestingly, Beyoung has strategically zoned in on the men’s fashion segment, which now generates 90% of its revenue, showcasing a keen understanding of its market dynamics. Stepping into the future, Beyoung reported a significant annual recurring revenue (ARR) of 200 million in the last fiscal year, emphasizing its upward trajectory in the competitive market landscape.

The Path Forward

Understanding the evolving dynamics of the consumer-brand interaction and recognizing the expansive potential within the Indian fashion space, Beyoung is set on not just sustaining but also amplifying its growth. With plans afoot to penetrate neighborhoods across India through physical stores, the brand aims to harmonize the online-offline experience for its customers. More ambitiously, Beyoung envisions transcending Indian borders to establish its mark globally, aspiring to become an integral part of people’s everyday fashion choices worldwide. As Beyoung continues to evolve, it stands as a promising beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the Indian fashion D2C space, harboring aspirations that stretch well beyond the horizon.

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