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Bolstering Maritime Tourism: Tianjin Port Welcomes Three International Cruise Ships in a Single Week


Economic Watch: China’s Tianjin Port Welcomes Three International Cruise Ships Within a Week

In a significant boost to its tourism and maritime economy, Tianjin, a prominent port city in north China, has welcomed three international cruise ships within a single week. Among them, the luxurious Silver Shadow, part of the Royal Caribbean Group’s Silversea fleet, arrived at Tianjin International Cruise Home Port on a Saturday morning, making it a remarkable week for the port.

The Silver Shadow is celebrated for its opulent amenities and has been a favorite among cruise enthusiasts since its launch in 2000, with an extensive renovation in 2019 enhancing its appeal. This marks the ship’s first voyage to Tianjin this year, and its seventeenth overall, illustrating a longstanding relationship with the city.

During its two-day stay, the vessel hosted over 200 international passengers from 21 countries and regions, who were eager to explore the cultural and scenic wonders of Beijing and Tianjin. Local officials, including immigration inspection officers, have streamlined processes to ensure travelers can maximize their time experiencing the rich heritage of China.

Liu Yang, a dedicated immigration inspection officer, highlighted the rebounding interest in China’s tourist landmarks, signaling a positive outlook for the cruise industry’s revival. Visitors expressed their enthusiasm for exploring renowned sites, from the majestic Great Wall to the historic mystique of the Forbidden City, with convenient access via high-speed rail from Tianjin.

The return of these luxurious voyages to Tianjin International Cruise Home Port, the largest of its kind in northern China, underscores the city’s pivotal role in the maritime tourism sector. Earlier in the week, Serenade of the Seas and Seabourn Odyssey, also global names in the cruise industry, made their stops, indicating a healthy frequency of international cruise visits.

Reflecting on the year’s successful engagements, Dong Zichen, deputy general manager of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port Co., Ltd., shared optimistic projections. The port has already hosted 24 cruise ships with 74,000 tourists and anticipates welcoming 100 cruise ships carrying around 300,000 inbound and outbound tourists throughout the year.

Amidst this resurgence, Royal Caribbean International has laid out plans for its next China route deployment, involving two cruises across the ports of Shanghai, Tianjin, and Hong Kong from February 2025 to April 2026. Liu Zinan, chairman of Royal Caribbean Cruises Asia, expressed unwavering confidence in the Chinese market, underscoring a commitment to contributing to China’s social and economic growth while enhancing the travel experience for both local and international tourists.

The influx of international cruise ships to Tianjin, coupled with ambitious future plans, showcases the enduring allure of China’s cultural and scenic destinations. It also signals the cruise industry’s steady recovery and China’s vital position in the global maritime tourism landscape.

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