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Boosting Socio-Economic Activities in Malaysia: The Impact of ECRL-EAP Projects


ECRL-linked projects set to boost socio-economic activities: Mida

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) has announced that the East Coast Rail Link-Economic Accelerator Projects (ECRL-EAP) will play a significant role in enhancing socio-economic activities across Malaysia. The ambitious infrastructure initiative, a collaboration between Mida and China Communications Construction Company, began in April 2019. It aims to catalyze growth in sectors including construction, tourism, trade, and industrial development.

Mida has highlighted the ECRL as a project filled with untapped opportunities for local companies. Considering it is the largest project ever undertaken along the East Coast alignment, seizing these opportunities could bring substantial benefits. “Areas that could be further explored – being EAP enablers – include construction (products and services), renewable energy, sustainability products and services, education and training centres, and shared utility services like waste management,” Mida shared, emphasizing the creation of economic opportunities and new jobs at each of the EAPs.

The successful implementation of the ECRL, according to Mida, necessitates cooperation and collaboration among a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including local governments, key transport entities, government-linked investment companies (GLICs), financial institutions, and local communities. To leverage the project’s potential to attract investors, Mida commits to supporting businesses interested in ECRL-EAP investments, positioning it as a more attractive initiative compared to potential competitors like Thailand’s Kra Land Bridge.

Mida is also spearheading efforts to promote the ECRL-EAP in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, and Selangor through various programs. Engagements have been initiated with local governments, industry associations, park managers, developers, GLICs, and real-estate investment trusts. These engagements are crucial for raising awareness among potential investors and addressing issues like environmental challenges, infrastructure readiness, zoning restrictions, and land categorisations.

Through the domestic investment coordination platform (DICP), Mida plays a critical role in fostering connections between investors and financiers, facilitating direct discussions on funding options, negotiation of terms, and the exploration of alternative financing arrangements.

The ECRL, with an estimated cost of RM50.27 billion, is under construction and aims to connect the east coast of Kota Bharu in Kelantan to Port Klang, Selangor, bringing significant economic benefits to the East Coast Economic Region states of Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan. Spanning 665km, the electrified double-track railway is expected to spur economic growth across its route, promoting closer links to the Pan-Asia Railway network and enhancing connectivity within the Asean and Eurasia regions. Targeted for completion in December 2026, the ECRL is anticipated to elevate Malaysia’s GDP by 3.8% in 2047, stimulating regional development.

With the ECRL-EAPs expected to generate RM1.4 trillion for the Malaysian economy by 2047, the focus on industrial parks, logistic hubs, and transit-oriented developments will be critical. This strategic initiative aims to improve connectivity and stimulate economic activities along the ECRL route, ensuring inclusive growth across all participating states and tackling income and wealth disparities by fostering a shared prosperity agenda. As of February 2024, the project is making steady progress with 62.4% completion, showcasing the commitment to enhancing Malaysia’s economic landscape.

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Alexandra Bennett
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