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BOSS Bonds Collaborates with Associated Insurance Services to Launch Innovative SuretyBonds.Market Platform


BOSS Bonds Partners with Associated Insurance Services to Deploy SuretyBonds.Market Platform

In a significant development in the insurance industry, BOSS Bonds Insurance Agency, a subsidiary of General Indemnity Group (GIG), has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Associated Insurance Services based in Boise, ID. This collaboration aims to introduce the innovative SuretyBonds.Market (SBM) platform to streamline and enhance the process of delivering surety bond solutions to clients.

The SBM platform stands as a pinnacle of technological advancement in the surety sector, designed to facilitate a seamless and efficient operation for agents to provide surety bond solutions. This platform embodies a significant leap forward by integrating every step of the surety process, from application and underwriting to issuance and continuous renewals.

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the SBM platform, agents are empowered to manage their clients’ bonds with unparalleled ease and effectiveness, backed by the expertise of BOSS Bonds’ surety professionals. This cooperative model enables agents, particularly those at Associated Insurance Services, to concentrate on their specialties while simultaneously offering top-tier surety solutions.

Rick Bredow, the head of business development at BOSS Bonds, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are thrilled that Associated Insurance Services has deployed SuretyBonds.market to unlock surety bond solutions for their customers,” Bredow remarked. He underscored the initiative’s alignment with BOSS Bonds’ mission to equip insurance agents with the tools they need to explore new revenue opportunities in the niche market of surety bonds.

Clint Paskewitz, CRA┬«, and commercial risk director at Associated Insurance Services, also shared his thoughts on this collaboration. “BOSS Bonds helped us unlock the potential of offering surety bonds to our clients in a way that we have not seen with other technology platforms,” said Paskewitz. He lauded the SBM platform and BOSS Bonds’ customer service team for their instrumental role in broadening the firm’s insurance product offerings to include surety bonds.

About BOSS Bonds Insurance Agency

BOSS Bonds is recognized as a front-runner in the provision of comprehensive surety solutions. Boasting over 40 years of collective experience among its agents, the agency is licensed across all 50 states and operates as a National Surety Managing General Agency. BOSS Bonds is renowned for its deep market insights, enabling clients to access the most competitive rates and customized bond programs that best suit their needs. As part of General Indemnity Group, LLC, BOSS Bonds leverages extensive relationships within the industry to fulfill its commitment to excellence.

General Indemnidad Group

Founded in 2015, General Indemnity Group, LLC (GIG) serves as an insurance holding company focused on the acquisition and operational enhancement of companies specializing in underwriting and distributing insurance products. GIG’s portfolio encompasses surety insurance agencies and an “A- Excellent” rated monoline surety insurance company by AM Best. GIG operates under the umbrella of Boston Omaha Corporation, a diversified public holding company engaged in a wide range of business activities from advertising and real estate to broadband services and strategic investments.

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