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BSE SME Platform Celebrates 500th Listing: A Milestone in Empowering India’s Growth-Oriented Businesses


BSE SME Platform Marks Milestone with 500th Listing, Welcoming in New Era for Growth-Oriented Businesses

In a momentous event underscoring its pivotal role in nurturing growth among Indian enterprises, the Bombay Stock Exchange’s SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) platform heralded its 500th listing. This milestone not only celebrates the platform’s journey but also highlights its integral contribution to the evolution and strengthening of India’s SME sector.

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), esteemed as Asia’s oldest stock exchange, achieved a significant milestone, evidencing the successful trajectory of its SME platform. Since its inception on March 13, 2012, the BSE SME Platform was initiated to facilitate easier access to equity funding for small and medium enterprises. It was designed with more lenient eligibility criteria and simplified post-listing compliance regulations, making it a cornerstone for SME growth and development in India.

At the forefront of this initiative was Ajay Thakur, known as the “Father of SME Capital Growth in India.” Under his guidance, the platform aimed to mitigate the initial apprehensions and challenges. To safeguard investors’ interests and maintain stability, initial regulations included mandatory underwriting and a set minimum investment ticket size of approximately Rs 1.25 lakh.

Despite the hesitations that curbed the platform’s early growth, the perseverance and dedication of the BSE team gradually won over the trust of a diverse investor base. This investor spectrum spanned from Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) and banks to High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and retail investors, broadening the platform’s appeal and efficacy.

The crowning achievement came with the listing of FINELISTINGS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED as the 500th enterprise on May 14, 2024. This event did not merely symbolize a numeric milestone; it represented the culmination of efforts that facilitated a whopping Rs 6,581 crore in capital raised by these companies through the platform, achieving a collective market capitalization of Rs 1,52,543 crore.

This successful journey serves as a beacon of opportunity for numerous other SMEs aspiring for growth. By tapping into equity markets via the BSE SME Platform, businesses are not only able to secure vital capital for innovation and expansion but also contribute significantly to job creation and overall economic progress.

The BSE’s steadfast commitment to nurturing Indian SMEs continues unabated. With ongoing enhancements and support mechanisms, the BSE SME Platform stands ready to empower a broader spectrum of businesses. In doing so, it aims to catalyze a new era of development, making substantial contributions to the robustness of the Indian economy.

The narrative of the BSE SME Platform underscores a journey of tenacity, vision, and unwavering support for the small and medium enterprises that form the backbone of India’s economic structure. As the platform looks to the future, it remains a testament to the transformative power of access to capital and the indomitable spirit of India’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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