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BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. Welcomes New Director Mor Bzizinsky: A Step Towards Board Diversity and Strategic Advancement in the Cannabis Industry


BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. Announces Changes to Its Board of Directors

Vancouver, BC, Feb 12, 2024 – BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq: BCAN) (CSE:BYND), a distinguished figure in the integration of software solutions and cannabis enterprise, is thrilled to reveal the latest addition to its board of directors, Mor Bzizinsky. With a rich educational background, Ms. Bzizinsky boasts a B.A. in Law and Economics from the College of Management in Rishon LeZion, Israel, coupled with her legal practice since 2012 through her own law firm.

In alignment with Nasdaq’s board diversity requirements tailored for foreign private issuers, BYND Cannasoft furthers its commitment to diversity by meeting the criteria ahead of the 2026 deadline, now boasting two female directors on its board. “We are immensely proud to welcome Ms. Bzizinsky as an independent director,” commented Mr. Yftah Ben Yaackov. “Her profound expertise in business and legal affairs, paired with her innovative vision for our Femtech market endeavors, aligns perfectly with our strategic objectives.”

About BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc.

Based in Israel, BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. stands out as an integrated software and cannabis corporation, pioneering within its sector. The company’s flagship product, Benefit CRM, empowers small to medium-sized enterprises by enhancing various dimensions of business operations, including sales, personnel management, marketing, call-center activities, and asset management. With over two decades of expertise in CRM software, BYND Cannasoft unveils its plans to revolutionize the medical cannabis industry through a dedicated CRM platform designed to foster a more organized, accessible, and transparent market landscape.

The upcoming Cannabis CRM System will encompass a Job Management (BENEFIT) and a module system (CANNASOFT) targeted at managing diverse agricultural sites, including farms and greenhouses. Another significant milestone for BYND Cannasoft is the development of the EZ-G device, for which a patent is pending. This therapeutic device leverages cutting-edge software to modulate the infusion of CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and other natural extracts into the female reproductive system, addressing a wide array of health concerns. Additionally, its technological advancements offer a more authentic experience, positioning it as a next-generation sex toy. Complemented by Bluetooth app connectivity and AI-driven data analysis, the EZ-G device promises to revolutionize women’s health and well-being.

For further details, interested parties are encouraged to consult the company’s official website, along with the Canadian Securities Exchange’s platform and SEDAR+ for extensive company information and disclosures.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This announcement includes predictive statements that are deemed “forward-looking statements,” encompassing assertions relative to expected company filings and the envisaged trajectory of business goals and timelines. While these statements are founded on reasonable anticipations, they are not guarantees of future performance, as actual outcomes may deviate significantly. Such deviations could stem from a myriad of risk factors and uncertainties, including regulatory influences, patent approvals, and market reception of the EZ-G device.

The forward-looking statements herein are reflective of BYND Cannasoft’s stance as of the date of this publication. Whilst the company may update these statements in the future to reflect new events or developments, it does not obligate itself to do so, even if new information prompts a change in outlook. Investors are cautioned against placing undue reliance on these projections.

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