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Can Tata Digital’s New CEO Naveen Tahilyani Revamp Neu from Insurance to Internet?


Insurance to Internet: Can Tata Digital’s New CEO Naveen Tahilyani Fix Neu?

In a significant change at the helm, Tata Digital announced the departure of its CEO Pratik Pal, who led the venture into the digital commerce arena since its inception. Surprising many, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran revealed that Naveen Tahilyani, with a strong background in insurance at Tata AIA, would be taking over the reins. The transition is eyed with interest, as Tahilyani brings an unconventional yet promising approach to steering Tata Neu in the competitive digital space.

With an impressive portfolio, including over 17 years at McKinsey and leadership roles at Tata AIA Life Insurance, Tahilyani is renowned for his execution prowess and team-building skills. His appointment has been met with optimism, with colleagues past and present highlighting his problem-solving capabilities and motivational leadership style. Despite the challenges Tata Neu has faced since its launch, from user experience issues to a cultural mismatch in leadership, the expectation is that Tahilyani’s strategic and practical approach might just be the needed shift to propel Tata Neu forward.

The app, which aimed to be India’s first superapp, integrating various Tata services, hasn’t achieved the anticipated success, struggling with user engagement and a clear value proposition. With Tata Digital’s losses widening, despite substantial investments, and a recent high-profile departure with Mukesh Bansal stepping away, the platform is at a critical juncture.

However, prospects for integration with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) and expansions into food delivery signal a potential turnaround under Tahilyani’s leadership. As he steps into this role, the industry watches keenly to see if he can indeed replicate his success from the insurance domain and reposition Tata Neu as a dominant player in the digital ecosystem.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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