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Cathay Pacific’s Struggle Amidst Shift in Chinese Traveler Preferences and Lingering Restrictions


Despite the gradual opening of international borders and the resurgence of global travel in 2023, Cathay Pacific, a flagship carrier based in Hong Kong, continues to face significant challenges in its recovery efforts. This ongoing struggle is largely influenced by China’s current travel restrictions and a noticeable shift in Chinese travelers’ preferences towards domestic over international destinations, directly affecting Asia’s tourism industry.

### A Shift in Chinese Traveler Preferences

As the world adapts to post-pandemic travel norms, a clear trend has emerged among Chinese tourists, characterized by an increasing preference for domestic travel. This shift has resulted in a decline in international visitation rates, leaving a noticeable void in many of Asia’s once-frequented tourist hotspots.

### Cathay Pacific’s Gradual Recovery

Cathay Pacific’s recovery trajectory is depicted through its passenger traffic figures. In April, the airline reported passenger numbers that were more than 40% lower than those of April 2019. When comparing the first four months of the year, the carrier’s passenger numbers stood at 58% of 2019’s figures for the same period.

April’s traffic saw 1.74 million passengers, marking a 26.1% increase from the previous year, yet significantly trailing behind the 3.12 million passengers carried in April 2019. From January to April, Cathay Pacific transported 7.14 million passengers, a 47.3% improvement year over year, but still far from the 2019’s first four months’ total of over 12 million passengers.

### Lingering Travel Restrictions

One of the unforeseen hurdles for Cathay Pacific has been the persistence of travel restrictions between Hong Kong and parts of Mainland China. The airline’s Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, Lavina Lau, commented on the expectation of increased travel due to the expansion of the Individual Visit Scheme, which allows residents from additional cities in Mainland China to visit Hong Kong. This move is anticipated to bolster Hong Kong’s tourism and contribute to its recovery and growth.

### Optimism Amid Challenges

Despite these obstacles, inbound travel saw a surge in April, thanks in part to the Easter holidays, the Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament, and the concurrent holiday periods in Japan and China, including the Golden Week. The return of business travel, highlighted by events like the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, also injected optimism into the airline’s outlook.

Looking ahead, Cathay Pacific is gearing up for the summer season by expanding its network with additional destinations and flights, including a new service to Barcelona and increased frequencies within its regional subsidiary, HK Express. The expectation of a rise in travel from tourists and students during the summertime offers a glimmer of hope for the airline’s continued recovery.

As the global travel landscape evolves, Cathay Pacific’s journey toward fully recapturing its pre-pandemic passenger volume remains hindered by ongoing travel restrictions in China. The airline’s efforts to navigate these challenges and adapt to new travel preferences underscore the complex path to recovery in the post-pandemic era.

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Alexandra Bennett
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