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Celebrating 40 Years of Expertise: The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors’ Contributions to Construction and Urban Planning


Commemorating Four Decades of Excellence: The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

On an illustrious evening, members of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS), along with esteemed guests and dignitaries, gathered to celebrate a remarkable milestone—the 40th anniversary of the Institute. It was a night filled with reflections on past achievements and anticipations for the future.

Addressing the attendees, the Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan, highlighted the significant contributions made by the surveying profession to Hong Kong’s development. With a robust membership comprising over 11,000 professionals and students, HKIS has been instrumental in shaping the industry’s future, ensuring higher construction and building standards, and offering indispensable advice on land development, urban renewal, and town planning.

“Over these four decades, you have nurtured generations of outstanding leaders and practitioners in the surveying industry,” Mr. Chan remarked, acknowledging the Institute’s pivotal role in promoting excellence within the profession.

Mr. Chan also emphasized the Institute’s collaborative efforts with the government in addressing critical issues such as housing supply, economic growth, and sustainability. He highlighted several key initiatives where HKIS’s expertise significantly influenced policy making and legislative amendments, including standard rates for premium assessment in New Development Areas and streamlining lease extension arrangements.

As we look towards the future, Mr. Chan pointed out the myriad of opportunities awaiting the surveying profession. Major projects like the Northern Metropolis are on a fast track to completion while other development plans continue to make progress. Additionally, he underlined the potential for growth within the Greater Bay Area, noting the success of a registration system that enables surveyors to offer their services across the nine sister cities, enhancing cross-border collaboration and expertise sharing.

The celebration was not just a reflection on past successes but also a clarion call for continued excellence and innovation. With projects such as the partnership between the Institute and the government for inspecting high-risk buildings in older districts, it is evident that HKIS remains committed to its mission of uplifting standards and ensuring the well-being of the community.

Closing his speech, Mr. Chan extended his heartfelt congratulations to HKIS for its forty years of monumental achievements and contributions to Hong Kong’s development. He expressed his best wishes for the Institute’s continued success, and for the health and prosperity of all its members.

The 40th anniversary of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors stands as a testament to the enduring importance and impact of the surveying profession in shaping the built environment of Hong Kong. It marks not only a celebration of past accomplishments but also a steadfast commitment to future excellence and innovation.

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