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Celebrating a Century of US-Irish Relations: A Partnership for Prosperity and Progress


US-Irish ‘partnership for the ages’ delivers transatlantic benefits

When President Biden recounted his experiences during his historic trip to Ireland, he painted a vibrant picture of a deeply rooted partnership between the United States and Ireland. As we stand on the threshold of commemorating the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between these two great nations in 2024, it’s a partnership that continues to convey a profound message. Reflecting on the bygone century, we find a shared journey of prosperity and an enduring bond crafted on mutual values. This significant milestone invites us to celebrate our past accomplishments, deliberate on our current engagements, and envision innovative ways to further our bilateral ties.

The inception of this transatlantic relationship can be traced back to 1917 when Henry Ford established a manufacturing plant in Cork, not far from his ancestral home. This venture laid the groundwork for what would become a rich history of American investment in Ireland. Fast forward to the present day, several American enterprises commemorate notable anniversaries, marking their prolonged and successful presence in Ireland. These organizations, leaders in their respective fields such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, digital technology, and innovative technologies, have chosen Ireland for its conducive business environment, talented workforce, and robust legal framework.

The collaboration between the United States and Ireland goes beyond mere corporate investments; it’s a partnership aimed at fostering economic security and prosperity. Both nations work hand in hand to nurture technology and innovation ecosystems, safeguard cyberspace, bolster the digital economy, promote emerging technologies, and ensure resilient supply chains. As we look ahead, our shared goals include enhancing energy security, combating climate change, and broadening economic opportunities for our communities’ underrepresented sectors.

Emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion, the role of female leaders within the American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland (AmCham) is particularly commendable. Their achievements at the forefront of global industries underscore the critical need for varied perspectives in leadership. AmCham Ireland’s dedication to the principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility, demonstrated through its association with the US Department of Commerce’s Empower Her Program, reflects our collective commitment to fostering an inclusive society.

Interestingly, the narrative of investment and partnership flows both ways. The footprint of Irish companies in the United States has seen remarkable growth, with esteemed Irish corporations and even smaller entities making significant investments across various American states. These investments, motivated by the dynamic US economy, access to a vast market, and the potential for global expansion, underline the mutual benefits derived from this enduring partnership.

In the spirit of fostering business innovation and expansion, I will lead a delegation to the SelectUSA Summit this June. This event represents a prime opportunity for Irish companies to explore the lucrative US market, with a focus on initiatives like the Chips Act and the Inflation Reduction Act that support technological and cleantech ventures, respectively.

For American companies looking to extend their reach into Europe, Ireland serves as an ideal gateway. Our Embassy team stands ready to support your endeavors, offering expertise and assistance to help you capitalize on opportunities within Europe and beyond. We invite you to engage with us as we strive to create job growth and prosperity across the Atlantic.

As we cherish this remarkable $1 trillion two-way trade and investment relationship, let us not forget the vibrant exchanges that enrich our nations beyond economic measures. Tourism and cultural connections continue to strengthen our bond, with expectations set high for travel to rebound to pre-pandemic levels in 2024.

In honor of this centennial year, I will be hosting the Le Chéile 100 series, a collection of fireside chats with thought leaders across various sectors. These conversations will delve into the profound connection between our countries, exploring how it has influenced our perspectives and visions for the future.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to celebrate this century-long friendship with both the American and Irish business communities. Together, we will reflect on our shared history and explore avenues to fortify this remarkable relationship in the years to come.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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