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Celebrating Growth and Sustainability at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024


Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024: A Celebration of Growth and Sustainability

The 5th edition of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris is set to unveil on February 12th, showcasing a significant expansion with over 4,000 exhibitors, marking growth from last year’s 3,500. This increase is a testament to the event’s soaring popularity, as it prepares to welcome 40,000 guests, up by 40% from the previous year’s 36,000.

Despite facing challenges like economic pressures, global warming, shifting consumer preferences, and geopolitical tensions, the wine industry continues to thrive and adapt. This year, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris places a spotlight on sustainability, introducing the “Golden V” awards to celebrate responsible winegrowing practices.

The event boasts a 72% increase in international participation, with countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and the United States significantly expanding their presence, reflecting its global vision. Unlike in previous years, the event is not seen as competing with ProWein but as a comprehensive representation of the global wine industry.

Beyond the exhibition, Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris enriches Paris’ local economy through tastings, dinners, and masterclasses. The Be Spirit section, focusing on spirits, is almost 50% larger than in 2023, aligning with the thriving spirits market.

A notable feature of this year’s event is Peñín’s showcase of the Best Wines of Spain, offering attendees the chance to taste exceptional wines that highlight Spain’s rich viticultural diversity and craftsmanship, further solidifying Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris as a premier event for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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