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Celebrating Proton’s Legacy: Marking the Production of Its Five-Millionth Car with the X90 Flagship


Proton Celebrates Production of Its Five-Millionth Car: A Milestone Achievement with the X90 Flagship

In a significant milestone that underscores its longstanding legacy and impact on the automotive industry, Proton has proudly announced the production of its five-millionth car. This monumental achievement comes 41 years after the national carmaker’s inception, marking a period of substantial growth and innovation. The vehicle commemorating this milestone is none other than the Proton X90 Flagship, unveiled on a notable occasion that also celebrates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, highlighting a momentous day commemorated on May 31.

The journey to five million vehicles has been remarkable, with more than two million of those being the Saga, Malaysia’s most beloved car. This alone illustrates the brand’s deep-rooted presence in the Malaysian automotive market. Additionally, Proton has demonstrated its prowess in the SUV sector, with sales of over 217,000 units across its X-series lineup since the launch of the X70 in 2018. This success signifies Proton’s effective collaboration with Geely, which has seen the launch of four co-developed models, significant upgrades to its car lineup, advancements in quality, and substantial investments in after-sales and parts management services.

The partnership has also led to the establishment of Malaysia’s largest network of 3S and 4S dealers, contributing to Proton’s consecutive five years of sales growth and an increase in production capabilities. Such accomplishments underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and serving the needs of its customers with high-quality, reliable vehicles.

Proton’s CEO, Li Chunrong, remarked on the milestone, stating, “Proton was tasked with mobilising Malaysians and to establish a local automotive ecosystem when it was formed in 1983 and today, we continue to play a critical role in the nation’s economy.” He further emphasized the impact Proton has on livelihoods with over 100,000 people earning a living through activities linked to the company. This, Li Chunrong noted, has been pivotal to driving Proton towards achieving this groundbreaking production milestone.

Highlighting the significance of the X90 Flagship as the five-millionth unit, the CEO pointed to the far-reaching progress made by the company since the beginning of its partnership with Geely. The introduction of eMas as the brand name for future Proton EV products was also mentioned, with Li Chunrong expressing optimism about the future. “As we set yet another milestone, the future is ripe with opportunities for Proton to continue to provide sustainable mobility for Malaysians and our export markets,” he concluded.

This landmark achievement not only celebrates Proton’s past achievements but also sets the stage for its bold vision for the future. With a focus on sustainable mobility and continuing to innovate across its product range, Proton is well-positioned to maintain its role as a significant player in not just the Malaysian, but also the global automotive market.

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