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Cerebral Palsy Couldn’t Deter IIT Graduate’s Dream of Landing a Google Placement


Cerebral Palsy Doesn’t Stop IIT Guwahati Graduate’s Dream Placement at Google

Pranav Nair’s achievement is no small feat. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Nair navigated his educational journey in a wheelchair, facing more challenges than most. However, his unyielding determination and support from loved ones led him to secure a placement in one of the world’s most prestigious tech companies, Google, after completing his degree in computer engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG).

Throughout his life, Nair’s path was fraught with obstacles, starting from his early education. “My struggle mainly revolved around academic logistics and personal perspectives,” Nair recounted. He faced significant resistance when trying to gain admission to mainstream schools due to logistical concerns about accommodating his wheelchair. Furthermore, traveling was always a challenge, reliant on specific transportation modes and the assistance of others, adding stress to his studies.

Beyond logistics, Nair faced social challenges. The general perception of disability led to missed opportunities, such as engaging in sports or going on picnics with peers. However, Nair found solace and success in public speaking, showcasing his ability to excel beyond the constraints of his condition.

The bedrock of Nair’s perseverance has been his family’s unwavering support. “They provided me with a platform to dream beyond ordinary norms,” Nair shared. This support was not limited to logistics; it encompassed emotional and financial backing, allowing him to pursue his aspirations without restraint.

Upon completing his schooling in Muscat, Oman, Nair initially aspired to a medical career. However, given his physical condition, his parents encouraged him to explore paths where he could excel without limitations. His affinity for computers led him to pursue a career in software engineering, culminating in his achievement of a seat in IIT’s Computer Science and Engineering program, ranking 27 in the Person with Disability (PWD) category.

Technology played a significant role in simplifying Nair’s life, fueling his desire to contribute to making the world more accessible for others through tech solutions. “I hope to make the lives of other people more welcoming, using technology,” he said.

IIT Guwahati provided Nair with a nurturing environment, relatively free from the challenges that marked his earlier educational experiences. “Living in a hostel has helped me learn self-survival skills and be more independent,” he remarked. The institute also offered him numerous growth opportunities, from placements to hackathons, enriching his professional and personal development.

Nair’s industriousness and the support of his seniors at IITG led to two internships with Google, laying the groundwork for a Pre Placement Offer (PPO) from the tech giant. His preparation, including consistent practice on coding platforms and internships at startups, equipped him well for the corporate world’s expectations.

Looking ahead, Nair envisions a career focused on software development, contributing to society by enhancing accessibility through technology. His journey is a compelling testament to the power of resilience, support, and the transformative potential of technology.

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