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CGI CEO Jeff Van Pevenage Ascends to Global Pulse Confederation’s Board: A Leap Forward for the Global Pulse Market


CGI CEO Named to Board Position

Jeff Van Pevenage, the esteemed president and chief executive officer of Columbia Grain International (CGI), a leading player in the United States’ pulse industry, has recently been appointed to a significant role within the Global Pulse Confederation’s board of directors. This appointment marks a pivotal step for both Van Pevenage and CGI, acknowledging their substantial influence and contribution to the global pulses market.

The Global Pulse Confederation plays a critical role in connecting various stakeholders within the pulse industry, encompassing a diverse range of participants from growers and researchers to government entities and consumers. The organization’s extensive network includes 24 national associations along with more than 500 private sector members, underlining its comprehensive coverage of the pulse industry.

Bringing over two decades of expertise in the global pulse markets to the table, Van Pevenage is well-positioned to contribute to the Confederation’s objectives. His term on the board will last a minimum of three years during which he will also play a vital role in the Market Access Committee. His experience is expected to be particularly beneficial in navigating the complex global marketplace for pulses.

Van Pevenage’s journey in the pulse industry began in the late 1990s when he played a key role in expanding CGI’s pulse business across the Pacific Northwest. His efforts over 15 years, focused on building and acquiring assets and diving deep into the global pulse industry’s dynamics, have been instrumental in the company’s growth.

Reflecting on the potential for pulses, Van Pevenage emphasized the significant growth prospects for pulse products, highlighting their increasing popularity across various sectors such as households, the flour industry, and the snack food sector. According to recent data, the global pulses market was valued at $70.17 billion in 2023, with projections suggesting a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2024 to 2032. Van Pevenage plans to leverage his expertise to foster supply chain solutions, forge beneficial relationships, and support the expansion of pulse production and consumption worldwide. His involvement will also include efforts to bolster interactions with government officials and research and development initiatives aimed at promoting pulses.

Lastly, Van Pevenage expressed a specific interest in augmenting the presence of pulses within the ingredients category, noting the exceptional quality of US-grown pulses and the potential for innovation in this space. “The use of pulses in ingredients is on the rise and the US has the best quality pulses in the world,” he said. “One of our goals is to expand the use of US-grown pulses in new ingredient innovations.”

This new appointment reflects not only the personal achievements of Jeff Van Pevenage but also the broader commitment of CGI to advancing the pulse industry both domestically and internationally. With his extensive experience and proactive approach, Van Pevenage is set to make a significant contribution to the global pulse landscape through his new role on the Global Pulse Confederation’s board of directors.

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Jordan Clark
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