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chargeMOD’s Ambition: Expanding India’s EV Charger Network with 1,200 New Installations


chargeMOD to Boost EV Charger Network in India with 1,200 New Installations

Kochi-based energy tech startup, ‘chargeMOD’, is setting impressive targets for the expansion of its EV charging network across India. In a recent announcement, the company detailed its plan to deploy 1,200 additional EV chargers nationwide, with 600 of these slated for installation within Kerala alone. This ambitious expansion aims to facilitate the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in the country.

The expansion plan encompasses the introduction of 1,000 new slow chargers and 200 fast chargers across various states in India. Specifically, for Kerala, the company has set a target to add 500 slow chargers and 100 fast chargers. These numbers come on top of ‘chargeMOD’s existing infrastructure, which includes 1,500 charging stations in Kerala and a total of 2,000 stations across India.

One of the most exciting developments from ‘chargeMOD’ is the impending roll-out of Ultra Fast Chargers. These state-of-the-art charging solutions will offer capacities ranging between 120 kW to 340 kW. Such advancements promise to drastically reduce charging times, thereby enhancing the overall convenience for EV owners throughout India.

M Ramanunni, CEO and Co-Founder of ‘chargeMOD’, reflects on the company’s journey from a group of four engineering students to becoming an influential entity within the EV sector. Despite challenges, including competition from lower-cost imported chargers, ‘chargeMOD’ strives to balance quality with affordability. By focusing on reliability and efficiency, the startup aims to solidify its status as a key developer within the electric vehicle charging industry.

According to Ramanunni, ‘chargeMOD’ has revolutionized the electric vehicle charging sector by creating a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses both hardware and software, all of which is designed and manufactured in India.

The strategic placement of the company’s AC slow chargers and DC fast chargers further symbolizes its commitment to ensuring accessibility and convenience for EV users. AC slow chargers are placed within every 5 km radius, and DC fast chargers within every 50 km, ensuring that EV owners have easy access to charging facilities.

‘chargeMOD’ boasts a rapidly growing subscriber base, with more than 120 new users joining daily. Through its vast network, the company has facilitated over four million kilometers of emission-free travel. This effort has successfully prevented the emission of approximately 995 metric tons of greenhouse gases and saved over 160,000 liters of gasoline.

The innovative startup, incubated under the Kerala Startup Mission, has also achieved the milestone of being the first company in Kerala to develop a local mobile app specifically for charging stations. With its extensive network spanning 10 states and offering customer support in six languages, ‘chargeMOD’ has established over 150 fast charging stations across India. This extensive reach and comprehensive support infrastructure underscore ‘chargeMOD’s commitment to advancing India’s EV infrastructure and promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

The expansion by ‘chargeMOD’ signals a significant step forward in bolstering the electric vehicle infrastructure in India, positioning the country for a cleaner, more sustainable transportation future.

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