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Collaboration and Innovation: Championing Agri-Tech Solutions at the South West AgriTech Showcase


Collaboration is Key for Agri-Tech

The synergy between businesses, experts, and farmers is paramount for the successful implementation of agri-tech, a theme that will be at the forefront of discussions at the upcoming South West AgriTech Showcase.

The agricultural industry is at a crossroads, tasked with addressing climate change through methods such as re-wilding, organic, or regenerative farming techniques while also striving to produce high-quality food that is both affordable and sustainable. The South West AgriTech Showcase aims to guide farmers through these challenges and provide strategic insights for future planning.

“Agriculture faces numerous pressures, including the competition from cheap imports and an ever-changing export market,” noted Russell Frith, inward investment manager. Moreover, the rapid pace at which new innovations are being introduced to the market has led some to refer to this era as ‘the fourth agricultural revolution’.

Highlighting the event will be talks from farmers who have already embraced agri-tech solutions with success. For instance, Oliver Lee, owner of How Now Dairy, will share his journey to becoming the first carbon negative dairy. Similarly, Charles Quick, an arable farmer turned inventor, will discuss his development of affordable precision technology with CSEQ Technologies in partnership with the Satellite Applications Catapult for every farmer.

“Historically, autosteer systems and RTK correction services were too costly for most, but we’re working on changing that,” explained Mr. Quick, emphasizing the push towards making precision farming accessible to all.

The Showcase is poised as the ideal platform for those within the agri-tech industry to collaborate and explore the latest innovations. Cecilia Bufton, Dorset LEP Chair, remarked, “This conference is critical for our region as it promotes innovation, collaboration, and growth within the agricultural technology sector, with a strong focus on sustainable practices.”

Additionally, the event will offer a sneak peek into the future solutions from the space sector in the Marketplace. Antony Merritt from the West of England Combined Authority shared their excitement about presenting solutions from the space sector, including satellite applications and environmental monitoring, at the Showcase.

Stephen Bashford also emphasized the event’s role in highlighting cutting-edge research and technology in agriculture, showcasing the region’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Moreover, local councils and partnerships are throwing their weight behind the agri-tech movement. From the Devon County Council to the Gloucestershire LEP, there’s a concerted effort to support farmers and innovators in developing technologies that advance sustainable agriculture and ensure food security for future generations.

As the preparations for the South West AgriTech Showcase continue, the importance of collaboration between developers and farmers cannot be overstated. Joanna Rufus, chair of South West AgriTech, underscored this sentiment, noting the significance of sharing disruptive technologies across sectors to benefit agriculture profoundly.

With the collective efforts of industry stakeholders, the agri-tech sector in the South West is poised for significant growth and innovation, promising a sustainable and technologically advanced future for agriculture.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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