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Coon Creek Community Watershed Council Donates to Library Conservation Efforts: A Step Toward Community-Scale Conservation Awareness


Generous Donation from Coon Creek Community Watershed Council Aids Library in Conservation Efforts

In a meaningful gesture towards promoting conservation and agricultural awareness within their community, the Coon Creek Community Watershed Council (CCCWC) recently contributed $2,500 to the Knutson Memorial Library in Coon Valley. This contribution is set to enhance the community’s accessibility to conservation resources and expand the library’s collection focusing on conservation, gardening, and agriculture.

Chelsey Myhre Foster, the Director of Knutson Memorial Library, expressed gratitude for the donation. The funds are earmarked for the expansion of the community garden project and to broaden the library’s offerings about conservation and agriculture. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be utilized in conjunction with previously acquired grants. The aim is to elevate the inclusivity of conservation resources accessible to the public, encompassing tailored services for individuals with disabilities.

“It gives us the freedom to purchase more materials that are not only specifically catered to the needs of individuals with disabilities within the watershed context but also support the overarching objectives of our project,” Foster Myhre stated, highlighting the significance of the contribution made by CCCWC.

The support for this donation originated from the Rural Climate Partnership, an organization committed to enhancing rural economies through initiatives that foster clean energy and agricultural transitions. These endeavors are specifically designed to ameliorate the lives of rural communities by offering economic savings.

CCCWC President Nancy Wedwick highlighted the importance of community awareness surrounding conservation issues. “This area has a proud history of communal efforts towards resolving landscape issues. The educational engagement through the library marks a step forward in deploying collective efforts in addressing watershed changes and fostering conservation awareness among future generations,” Wedwick explained.

Knutson Memorial Library has been recognized for its progressive approach toward community service. The library was selected amongst 310 libraries nationwide to partake in the second round of Libraries Transforming Communities: Accessible Small and Rural Communities. This initiative by the American Library Association aims to empower small and rural libraries to better serve individuals with disabilities by providing community engagement and accessibility resources.

The inclusion in this initiative comes with a grant of $20,000, aimed at enabling the library to expand its services, programs, and collections related to disability, accessibility, and inclusive experiences. This includes initiatives like an accessible community gardening project, further fostering an inclusive environment within the community. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to elevate our inclusive services and build upon our village and rural community’s strengths,” expressed Myhre Foster.

Additionally, this initiative will see library staff undertaking an online course to master leading community conversations – a vital competency in today’s library service framework. Following their training, staff will organize community discussions with local residents, focusing on better servicing diverse populations, especially those affected by disabilities. These dialogues aim to utilize the grant money to introduce further inclusive programs and activities.

The community’s support and participation play a crucial role in these conservation and inclusivity efforts. For those interested in contributing or participating in these critical conversations, reaching out to Chelsey Myhre Foster for more details is highly encouraged.

The concerted efforts of the Coon Creek Community Watershed Council and the Knutson Memorial Library serve as a beacon of community-driven initiative and inclusivity, aiming to create a more aware, accessible, and conservation-conscious community.

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