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Coralville’s Innovas Technologies Secures International Agreement with Qatar’s Energy Sector: A Green Stride to Efficiency


Coralville Company Secures Pioneering Deal with Qatar’s Energy Sector

In a significant development, Coralville-based Innovas Technologies has secured an international agreement to deliver its pioneering air-conditioning tube cleaning technology to a key energy facility in Doha, Qatar. This collaboration marks a considerable stride in enhancing the energy efficiency of major infrastructure projects abroad.

The agreement involves the provision of the Helios Tube Cleaning System, a product designed to revolutionize the energy efficiency of air-conditioning systems. The system is set to be integrated into the Lusail Marina expansion, a prominent district energy facility in Doha, Qatar.

Marafeq, the Qatari partner in this deal, stands at the forefront of utility provision and is a prominent developer of district cooling in both the Middle East and globally. Their operations are crucial in supporting the burgeoning demand for air conditioning across the swiftly expanding commercial sectors in the Persian Gulf region.

Through this partnership, it is anticipated that energy consumption in Qatar will be reduced by an impressive 10 million kilowatt-hours annually. Additionally, the initiative is expected to diminish CO2 emissions by 60,000 tons over the coming 15 years, a feat equivalent to the annual planting of 90,000 trees.

Charles “Chuck” Dirks, president of Innovas Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, highlighting the significance of having their technology chosen to elevate energy efficiency at one of the world’s leading district cooling companies. “The Qatari economy hosts some of the globe’s most sophisticated sustainability projects, and their adoption of our technology underscores the considerable value we offer,” Dirks remarked.

Further emphasizing the local roots of their innovation, Dirks noted that Innovas’ products are crafted with pride in Iowa. “This project represents an excellent opportunity to showcase our advanced and emerging technologies in Qatar and across the Gulf Cooperation Council,” he added.

The Helios Tube Cleaning System addresses the perennial issue of air-conditioning tube fouling. By injecting cleaning balls into the heat exchanger tubes and catching them at the exit, the system effectively “wipes” the tubes clean. This process not only eliminates bio scale but also prevents the buildup of deposits, ensuring optimal operation of chilled water plants.

Innovas Technologies stands as a beacon of innovation in the energy sector, producing solutions geared towards enhancing efficiency in universities, hospitals, industrial settings, and refineries. The company’s latest venture into Qatar reflects its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency on a global scale. This deal not only underscores Innovas Technologies’ role as a leading innovator but also facilitates significant environmental benefits, reinforcing the importance of international collaboration in achieving sustainable progress.

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Alexandra Bennett
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