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Coresky Launches Innovative CESS-Packaged NFTs: A Major Leap Towards Decentralized Web3 Data Economy


Coresky Unveils CESS-Packaged NFTs: Join the Future of Web3 Data Economy

In a groundbreaking development, Coresky, a leading platform for asset-packaged NFT allocation, has introduced the highly anticipated CESS project subscription channel. This initiative marks a significant milestone in promoting the Web3 data economy, opening new horizons for data storage, sharing, and transactional capabilities across the decentralized digital landscape.

At the heart of this revolutionary advancement lies CESS, a pioneering blockchain infrastructure that energizes the Web3 data economy through its decentralized storage and content delivery network (CDN). CESS stands as a robust decentralized data value network, meticulously architected with a three-layer integrated design. This sophisticated framework not only facilitates decentralized cloud storage network but also enhances CDN network performance, ensuring seamless, real-time data sharing and storage suitable for the demanding realms of Web3’s high-frequency dynamic data interactions.

The introduction of CESS has captured the attention of notable investors, garnering backing from industry heavyweights such as HTX Venture, Infinity Ventures Crypto, DWF Labs, Mentha Partners, Vespertine Capital, IGG Capital, Singchain Investment, and 7 O’Clock Capital. Solidifying its groundbreaking potential, the CESS team clinched the championship at the global Web3 Hackathon organized by the Web3 Foundation in 2021, with its innovative FMD-CESS solution.

Coresky is not only reinforcing the Web3 ecosystem through the CESS initiative but is also redefining participation in Web3 economies with its Asset-packaged NFT concept. By transforming the primary market fundraising amounts of premier Web3 projects into Asset-packaged NFTs, Coresky is democratizing access to high-quality project subscriptions. These NFTs serve as token acquisition certificates post-listing, empowering the broader Web3 community with primary market access. Specifically, the CESS-Packaged NFT includes 2,500 CESS tokens at an introductory price of 100 USDT, symbolizing a unique investment opportunity.

Beyond the CESS project, Coresky introduces the dynamic Allocation to Earn (A2E) model, a novel investment strategy designed to maximize returns through strategic allocation in the evolving Web3 landscape. This includes participation in various DeFi protocols, emphasizing a proactive approach to investment diversification and yield enhancement.

Furthermore, Coresky provides an integrated suite of solutions encompassing project initiation for fundraising, marketplace operations, wallet services, real-world asset (RWA) management, exchange functionalities, and exclusive NFT member benefits. This comprehensive approach positions Coresky as a pivotal platform in the Web3 arena, catering to a myriad of asset needs within the decentralized ecosystem.

Central to Coresky’s success is its strategic collaborations with projects, investors, and key stakeholders within the Web3 community. Through these partnerships, Coresky not only enhances its competitive edge but also fosters a network effect that propels mutual growth and innovation among all involved parties, reinforcing its commitment to shaping the future of the Web3 data economy.

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Alexandra Bennett
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