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Cyprus’ Ambitious Journey: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Boost Digital and Green Transition


Cyprus is embarking on an ambitious journey to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across multiple sectors, placing a special emphasis on fostering a thriving startup culture and infusing established industries with innovative technologies. This concerted effort aims not only to enhance the nation’s digital infrastructure but also to spearhead its digital and green transition, positioning Cyprus as a dynamic tech hub known for its expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve everyday problems and create new opportunities.

### Integrating AI and Machine Learning Across Sectors

The integration of AI and ML in Cyprus spans various key areas, including public services, healthcare, maritime, and cultural heritage preservation. By enhancing digital skills and supporting innovation at its core, the nation is creating a fertile ground for startups to flourish and for traditional industries to adopt more advanced technological solutions.

One crucial initiative in this digital transformation journey is the review of the national AI strategy by the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy. Despite facing challenges such as a relatively low adoption rate of AI solutions among enterprises, Cyprus is vigorously tackling these issues by promoting digital skills acquisition from a young age and encouraging the private sector’s uptake of advanced digital technologies through schemes like the Business Digital Upgrade Plan.

Equally important is Cyprus’s active participation in shaping the European regulations for AI, namely the AI Act, which aims to foster investment and innovation in the AI sector while upholding fundamental rights and values.

### Empowering Research and Innovation

Cyprus boasts significant capabilities in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research, which is crucial for digital transformation. Several Centres of Excellence, including KIOS, CYENS, BioBank, and CMMI, leverage AI and ML in their research, addressing critical issues ranging from health care, such as tackling Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease through AI-driven projects, to maritime innovations that optimize fuel consumption for ships.

Moreover, AI’s role extends into financial services to augment fraud prevention measures and improve customer experiences, while the educational sector explores robotics and generative AI for more engaging teaching methods.

### Striving for a Green and Digital Transition

Aligned with the European Commission’s strategic priorities, Cyprus’s “Vision 2035” outlines comprehensive reforms and investments under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and Programme “THALIA 2021-2027.” The goal is to marry digital innovation with sustainability efforts, thereby enhancing the nation’s productivity and international competitiveness. Projects facilitated by the KIOS and CMMI Centres of Excellence exemplify this endeavor, focusing on climate change mitigation and the sustainable development of the maritime sector through smart technologies.

### Catalyzing Startup Innovation with AI

Cyprus’s dedication to benefitting from its robust research system is evident in its support for startups that integrate AI technologies to disrupt traditional markets and create unique products or services. The Research and Innovation Foundation, along with various funding programmes, fuels this ecosystem, supporting startups with the potential to excel on international stages.

Notably, Cyprus-based enterprises, such as Omilia, have successfully attracted significant capital investment for expanding their AI-driven solutions globally. This demonstrates the country’s potential to be a regional tech hub, fueled by more than 400 startups and scale-ups, a tech-savvy workforce, and a reputation for innovative solutions.

As Cyprus continues to exploit the immense possibilities presented by AI and machine learning, it sets a compelling example for leveraging technology to drive economic growth, societal welfare, and sustainability. This holistic approach not only underscores the strategic importance of digital and green transitions but also highlights the country’s commitment to providing a fertile ground for innovation, ultimately shaping a bright future for the younger generations of Cyprus.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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