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Dangote Refinery Breaks Ground with Fuel Shipment to Singapore, Set for Steady Petrol Supply in July


Dangote Refinery Sets New Record with Fuel Shipment to Singapore, Promises Steady Petrol Supply in July

In a revolutionary leap for the African oil industry, the Dangote Refinery, reputed to be the largest in Africa and projected to be the world’s most significant single-train facility, is marking its entry into the Asian market by dispatching its first shipment of low-sulfur straight-run fuel oil (LSSR) from Nigeria to Singapore. This move not only introduces a new trade corridor from Nigeria to Asia but also signals a significant milestone in the refinery’s operations, spotlighting its role in altering global fuel supply dynamics.

The $20 billion refinery, boasting a daily processing capacity of around 650,000 barrels of petroleum products, is poised to drastically reduce Africa’s dependence on imported petroleum products, particularly petrol. Aliko Dangote, the Chairman of Dangote Industries, has assured that with the commencement of PMS (Petrol Motor Spirit) production in mid-July, Nigeria’s need to import petrol would soon be a historical footnote, highlighting the refinery’s strategic importance to Nigeria and the broader African continent.

The shipment to Singapore, according to ship tracking data and market insights, underscores the refinery’s ambitious export strategy and its potential to cater to a global market. Singapore, known as the world’s largest bunker hub, stands to benefit significantly from this new influx of low-sulfur fuel oil, a critical component in powering ships, which is currently in short supply in the region.

The refinery’s LSSR exports are not just limited to Asia; shipments have been directed to both the Americas and Europe as well, showcasing the global appeal and potential impact of the refined products. The first shipment destined for Asia set sail for Singapore aboard the Glencore-chartered vessel, Front Brage, carrying approximately 124,000 metric tons of LSSR, with an anticipated arrival date of Wednesday, July 26, 2024. A subsequent shipment, amounting to about 157,000 tons of LSSR, is also en route to Singapore aboard the Stena Suede vessel, scheduled to reach in July.

The pioneering LSSR exports from the Dangote Refinery will not only be mixed with other fuels to create low-sulfur oil (LSFO) for bunkering but will also serve as a crucial feedstock in a variety of refinery processes. This strategic move by the refinery began to unfold in February 2024, following the acquisition of crude oil from the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) in December of the preceding year.

The journey to realizing the Dangote Refinery’s full potential has not been without challenges. Aliko Dangote revealed the resistance faced from within the industry, particularly from the so-called ‘oil mafia’, intent on hindering Nigeria’s progress towards self-sufficiency in petroleum refining. However, thanks to robust support from financial institutions, including Afreximbank and Access Bank, the project has overcome these hurdles, moving steadfastly towards altering the landscape of oil production and distribution in Africa and beyond.

The commitment of the Dangote Refinery to break free from the clutches of the oil mafia was echoed by modular refinery operators. They acknowledged similar challenges and expressed support for Aliko Dangote’s efforts to spearhead a transformation in the industry, aiming for a future where Nigeria, and indeed Africa, could stand proud as a major contender in the global oil and gas sector.

As the Dangote Refinery progresses towards its operational zenith, it’s clear that its impact will resonate far beyond the shores of Nigeria, heralding a new era of energy independence for Africa and contributing significantly to the global fuel supply chain. With its sights set on fulfilling domestic needs and capturing international markets, the Dangote Refinery is on course to redefine the petroleum industry for generations to come.

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