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Domo Insiders Increase Stake: Examining the Implications for Potential Investors


Domo Insiders Placed Bullish Bets Worth US$8.20m

Significant insider activity has been observed within Domo, Inc. (NASDAQ:DOMO), demonstrating a substantial increase in stake by insiders over the past year. Such insider conviction in the company’s potential often serves as a positive marker for potential investors.

While it isn’t wise to solely base investment decisions on the actions of company directors, it’s prudent to consider their transactions as part of your investment research process.

Insider Confidence in Domo

The past year has seen noteworthy insider purchases within Domo, Inc., highlighted by Founder Joshua James’ acquisition of shares valued at US$4.3m at approximately US$14.19 per share. Interestingly, these purchases were made even when the share price exceeded the recent valuation of US$10.68, indicating optimism regarding the company’s future. While perspectives may evolve, such enthusiasm at the time of purchase is worth noting. Generally, insiders buying above current market prices is regarded positively, flagging perceived value in the stock.

Over the last 12 months, insiders have confidently invested US$8.2m in 594.11k shares, contrasted with a divestment of 29.21k shares at US$343k. This net buying activity underscores a bullish stance by insiders over the year.

Recent Insider Transactions

Despite the overall positive trend, the last three months have seen a pivot, with significant insider sales. Notably, CTO & Executive VP of Engineering Daren Thayne offloaded shares worth US$66k, without any corresponding insider purchases recorded. This might imply a belief among some insiders that the stock isn’t undervalued.

Insider Ownership and Alignment

Examining the extent of insider ownership offers insights into their alignment with broader shareholder interests. Domo insiders hold an approximate 14% stake in the company, valued about US$55m. This considerable ownership suggests alignment, yet stops short of being exceptionally notable. Nonetheless, this ownership level supports a reasonable degree of alignment with shareholder interests.

Although there has been recent selling, the net activity over the past year provides a reassuring signal. Coupled with significant insider ownership, these factors alleviate concerns the selling might otherwise raise.

Considering Risks

Beyond insider transactions, it’s crucial to be mindful of potential risks facing the stock. Domo, for instance, has 4 warning signs (with 1 being potentially serious) investors should consider. Informed decision-making involves weighing these risks against the potential for return.

It’s also beneficial to explore opportunities elsewhere. For investors looking for high-performing companies, a curated list featuring companies with high return on equity and low debt might offer valuable alternatives.


Insider actions within Domo, Inc. over the past year showcase a notable level of confidence in the company’s prospects. While recent sales introduce an element of caution, the overall insider buying trend coupled with substantial ownership encourages further investigation for potential investors. As always, considering both the positive insider dynamics and the broader risk profile of the stock will provide the most balanced investment approach.

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark
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