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Eco-Friendly Packaging Crafted from Milk Protein


Planet-friendly Packaging Made from Milk Protein

In an innovative leap towards solving the global plastic problem, progressive packaging legislation, particularly in the EU, mandates that by 2030 all packaging must be recyclable or reusable. Amidst these rising standards, bio-based materials stand out as a promising solution, with the European Commission planning to set specific bioplastic targets.

Leading the charge in the bioplastics arena is Lactips. This French startup has devoted over a decade to developing a groundbreaking material named CareTips. Remarkably similar to plastic, yet entirely biodegradable and water-soluble, CareTips is made from natural ingredients, pioneeringly including casein—a protein derivative from milk.

Aside from its nutritional benefits, casein-based CareTips presents an eco-friendly packaging solution that excels in blocking oxygen, fats, and oils, making it perfect for the food and cosmetics sectors. Its food-grade safety allows for its application in takeaway containers, posing an environmentally benign alternative to conventional packaging materials. Moreover, its compatibility with existing industrial processes, like injection moulding, underscores its versatility and ease of integration.

CareTips’ ability to mimic traditional plastic functionalities extends to writing, labelling, and even single-use products like golf tees, offering a sustainable swap for nearly any plastic application. Post-use, CareTips can be effortlessly composted at home or dissolved in water, contributing significantly to supply chain decarbonization.

Holding six international patents, Lactips’s CareTips sets a high standard with certifications for its compostability and solubility from Tüv Austria Belgium, alongside proving its benign impact on marine environments by leaving no trace upon decomposition. This innovative material not only addresses the pressing issue of plastic pollution but also opens up a realm of possibilities for the future of sustainable packaging.

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