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Eco-Innovation in the Electric Motor Industry: How Chara Technologies is Redefining the Sector without Rare Earth Metals


Chara Technologies: Building Motors Sans Rare Earth Metals

In the evolving landscape of technology startups, Chara Technologies emerges as a beacon of innovative engineering, led by a team whose experience defies the typical startup demographic narrative. Co-founder and CEO Bhaktha Keshavachar, alongside his partner Mahalingam Kaushik, brings a wealth of experience and a distinct vision to the forefront of the electric motor industry. From their base in Bengaluru, the pair are steering their company towards redefining electric motor technology by developing solutions that circumvent the need for rare earth metals, a critical point of contention in today’s environmentally and geopolitically conscious market.

During a casual interaction at a startup conference held by the IIM-Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, now styled as IIMA Ventures, Keshavachar shared insights into their journey. With a light-hearted reference to the team’s seasoned background, he emphasized the uniqueness of their venture in the startup ecosystem. “We are grey-haired or even hairless founders,” he humorously noted, alluding to the contrast between themselves and the archetypal young college graduates usually seen in startup stories.

Keshavachar’s professional path is rich with significant milestones. Before Chara Technologies, his journey began at Sharp Laboratories in the US, marking the onset of an impressive three-decade career in the tech industry. His experiences span over 12 years at Intel, leading to his serial entrepreneurship, including his pivotal role in co-founding Ezetap Mobile Solutions, which later became part of Razorpay. This vast array of experiences has not only shaped Keshavachar’s expertise but also his approach to innovation and business strategy.

The mission at Chara Technologies is clear and ambitious—to create efficient, durable, and cost-effective electric motors that do not rely on rare earth elements. This goal addresses both environmental concerns, linked to the mining and processing of these materials, and the geopolitical risks associated with their supply, which is dominated by a handful of countries. By developing technology that sidesteps these obstacles, Chara Technologies is not just designing electric motors; it is painstakingly crafting the future of sustainable engineering.

With the global push towards sustainability and the increasing demand for green technology solutions, Chara Technologies is poised to make a significant impact. Their innovative approach not only aligns with the global trajectory towards reduced reliance on unsustainable and politically sensitive materials but also sets a benchmark for others in the industry to follow. As they continue on their path, the journey of Chara Technologies is one to watch, offering valuable insights and inspiration for both burgeoning and established engineers and entrepreneurs alike.

The challenges in replacing rare earth metals in motor production are immense, given their significant role in enhancing the efficiency and power of traditional electric motors. However, Chara Technologies’ forward-thinking research and development efforts signify a promising shift towards alternative materials that ensure both environmental integrity and industrial feasibility. The company’s endeavors reflect a broader movement within technology and engineering sectors to rethink how resources are used, aiming for innovations that reconcile advancement with ecological and social responsibility.

Chara Technologies stands as a testament to the potential of experienced leadership and innovative thinking in driving technological change. Keshavachar and Kaushik’s journey, from seasoned professionals to pioneering entrepreneurs, underscores the evolving nature of the startup landscape, where diversity in experience and thought can lead to groundbreaking advancements. As they continue to develop and refine their technologies, their work is set to contribute significantly to the future landscape of electric motors, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient world.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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