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EcoEngineers Secure Accreditation to Verify Under Canadian Clean Fuel Regulations: A Boost for Renewable, Bio, and Low-Carbon Intensity Fuels


EcoEngineers Achieves Milestone With Canadian Clean Fuel Regulation Scope Extension Accreditation

Des Moines, Iowa – In a significant step forward in the energy transition landscape, EcoEngineers (Eco), renowned for its specialty in consulting, auditing, and advisory services centered around energy transition, proudly announced its latest achievement. Following a rigorous four-month ISO 14064-3:2019 training process and closely aligning with a dedicated team of life-cycle analysis (LCA) critical reviewers and specialists, Eco has successfully secured an accreditation scope extension from the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). This notable accreditation now empowers Eco to conduct verifications under the Canadian Clean Fuel Regulations (CFR) for producers and importers engaged in the clean fuels sector within Canada, focusing on renewable, bio, and low-carbon intensity (CI) fuels.

The CFR is anticipated to usher in vast economic opportunities through the promotion and utilization of clean fuels and technologies. Being reminiscent of policies already in place in jurisdictions like British Columbia, California, and Oregon, the CFR is designed to address emissions across the complete life cycle of fuels. These regions have seen marked benefits from the inception of clean technology industries, thanks to such regulations.

Aligned with the Canadian government’s $1.5 billion Clean Fuels Fund, the CFR is structured to incentivize the domestic production of low-CI fuels, including ethanol. This development spells significant economic prospects for biofuel feedstock providers, such as farmers and foresters, while concurrently positioning Canadian fuel producers for success in the burgeoning global clean energy market.

Shashi Menon, CEO of Eco, shared his insights, “This expansion is a testament to our steadfast dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions. Our goal is to assist businesses in navigating and adhering to the stringent environmental guidelines established by the Canadian government.”

The scope extension of Eco’s accreditation (Accreditation ID: ECOEN 9159) encompasses the verification of applications and reports under the CFR relating to renewable, bio, and low-CI fuels. Officially effective as of March 22, 2024, this enhances Eco’s initial accreditation as a greenhouse gas (GHG) verification body, which adheres to the ISO standards ISO/IEC 17029:2019, ISO 14065:2020, and ISO 14064-3:2019. Specifically, this spans the verification of assertions related to GHG emission reductions and removals at the project level across various activities.

Menon further emphasized the global reliance on market-based mechanisms to counteract emissions and address climate challenges, highlighting the importance of reliable verification services and solid methodologies. “ISO standards are increasingly recognized as the global benchmark for environmental attribute verification, essential for structuring sustainable financial markets and establishing the necessary trust and confidence among investors,” he added, citing Eco’s recent collaboration with Red Trail Energy as a prime example of their impactful work.

Both ANAB, responsible for overseeing the competence and professional conduct of third-party verification bodies across various industries since 2008, and EcoEngineers, have played pivotal roles in advancing the response to climate change since its inception in 2009. Eco’s global team continues to lead at the nexus of low-carbon fuel policy, cutting-edge technologies, and the carbon marketplace, advising businesses throughout the energy transition.

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Jordan Clark
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