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EDF Energy’s £10,000 Overcharge Error: A 98-Year-Old’s Struggle for Justice


EDF Energy Apologizes after Overcharging 98-Year-Old Eric by £10,000

In a revealing case of overcharging, the family of 98-year-old Eric Shier has brought to light how he ended up being £10,000 in credit with his energy provider, EDF Energy. This considerable sum accrued due an apparent oversight in billing, with the energy giant failing to respond to requests for refund for more than two months.

Eric, who resides in a four-bedroom house, was unknowingly overpaying his gas and electricity bills. The issue came to the forefront when his daughter, Carolyn Shier, took over as the power of attorney for his affairs. Upon reviewing his bills, Carolyn discovered that instead of the actual usage amounting to no more than £150 a month, Eric was being billed £750 monthly through direct debit based on estimated readings.

According to Carolyn, despite her father’s conscientious efforts to submit meter readings four or five times a year, over the last three years, he has accumulated £10,000 worth of credit with EDF. Confronted with the stark discrepancy in the account balance, Carolyn has been actively pursuing EDF for a refund, a journey marked by unresponsiveness and disengagement from the company’s side.

Carolyn voiced her concerns, emphasizing the urgency of the situation given her father’s advanced age and frailty. She said, “My dad is 98 and vulnerable – he could die while this is going on. I don’t suppose he’d be very impressed if he knew.” She highlighted the difficulties in communicating with EDF, noting instances of being cut off over the phone and receiving no replies to detailed emails sent to the company.

EDF finally issued a statement in response to the complaint lodged by Carolyn. Acknowledging the oversight, an EDF spokesperson expressed regret over the inconvenience caused. The company conceded that due to the absence of recent billing for both fuels and a missing night meter reading, the refund was not processed as it should have been. EDF has since reached out to Carolyn to correct the meter reading issue and assured that efforts are ongoing to update Eric’s account and process the due refund expeditiously.

The case of Eric Shier underlines the importance of vigilance in matters of utility billing, especially for the elderly who may not utilize online platforms for communication. It also serves as a reminder for energy providers to ensure their billing practices and customer service channels are transparent, responsive, and attuned to the needs of all customers, regardless of age or technical prowess.

As EDF works to rectify the situation, the broader issue of how energy companies handle billing errors and customer complaints remains in the spotlight. This instance, while unfortunate, provides an opportunity for all stakeholders in the utility sector to reassess and reinforce their commitment to customer service excellence and accountability.

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Alexandra Bennett
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