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Electric Motorbikes Poised to Redefine India’s EV Landscape by 2030


Electric Motorbikes on Course to Take Charge of EV Space

The electric vehicle (EV) sector in India is gearing up for an exciting transition with electric motorbikes poised to redefine the landscape originally dominated by e-scooters. A new era of electrification in the motorcycle segment is forecasted, with both startups and established manufacturers set to introduce high-performance, zero-emission e-motorcycles. These new entrants are anticipated to rival traditional petrol-powered motorcycles in terms of performance, range, and price, heralding a significant shift in consumer preferences towards more sustainable modes of transportation.

Recent insights suggest a surge in the adoption of e-motorcycles, with projections pointing towards a market penetration exceeding 30% by 2030. This marks a drastic increase from the current penetration, which is less than 1%. The transformation is driven by the culmination of efforts from various startups, including Revolt Motors, Matter Electric Motorcycles, and Orxa Energies among others, as well as established players like Royal Enfield. These companies are at the forefront of this electric revolution, aiming to match or even surpass the benchmarks set by internal combustion engine (ICE) motorcycles.

The competitive edge of electric motorbikes is further sharpened by the falling prices of batteries, a crucial component in making EVs more accessible to the average consumer. This cost efficiency enables manufacturers to offer electric motorcycles at price points comparable to their 300-cc ICE counterparts, with some models priced around INR 3.8 lakh. Moreover, these electric models boast impressive ranges on a single charge, outperforming many ICE motorcycles in terms of mileage, thereby addressing one of the key concerns among potential EV buyers – range anxiety.

The enthusiasm for higher-end electric motorcycles, akin to 400-500 cc ICE bikes, is indicative of a growing consumer trend. The demand for mid and premium segment motorcycles has outpaced that for entry-level bikes, a trend that is expected to replicate in the electric motorcycle market. Manufacturers like Ultraviolette Automotive have responded by expanding their reach beyond their initial markets, planning to increase their dealership networks across multiple cities to cater to this burgeoning demand.

Technology advancements in electric motorbikes, such as instant torque, ride-by-wire technology, and over-the-air software updates, are set to enhance the riding experience, making it comparable, if not superior, to traditional motorcycles. These improvements, coupled with a significant reduction in operating costs thanks to cheaper lithium prices, are creating a compelling case for consumers to consider electric motorcycles as viable alternatives to their petrol-powered counterparts.

The landscape of the two-wheeler sector in India is on the brink of a major transformation, with electric motorbikes leading the charge towards electrification. This shift is not just about adopting new technology but signals a broader movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. As the market evolves, the entry of electric motorcycles is anticipated to redefine the parameters of performance, efficiency, and consumer expectations in the EV space, marking a new chapter in India’s journey towards mobility electrification.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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