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Elevating Vietnam-China Relations: The Promising Path to Strategic Cooperation and Economic Growth


Bright Prospect for Vietnam, China to Further Elevate Relations: Chinese Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam, Xiong Bo, in a recent interview highlighted the dynamic development and achievements of the Vietnam-China relationships over the years, emphasizing the depth of bilateral cooperation across various sectors. This discussion comes as both nations anticipate the Year of the Dragon, looking forward to expanding their partnership.

Significant Milestones in Vietnam-China Relations

The ambassador pinpoints the state visit of Chinese Party General Secretary and President Xi Jinping to Vietnam, hosted by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, as a landmark event in the history of these bilateral ties. This visit underscored a commitment to building a Vietnam-China community with a shared future of strategic significance, marking a new chapter in their comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

He elaborates on the vision for this community, focusing on mutual happiness, development, and progress for mankind. It highlights a plan for robust political trust, enhanced defence-security cooperation, substantive economic collaboration, and the peaceful management of differences, setting a roadmap for future relations.

Boosting Economic, Trade, and Investment Cooperation

Post-pandemic recovery efforts have seen a resurgence in trade between Vietnam and China, marked by the opening and upgrading of numerous border gates. The bilateral trade turnover in 2023 almost touched 230 billion USD, showcasing a robust growth, especially in Vietnam’s exports to China.

Vietnam’s agricultural sector, including significant exports like durians, has seen considerable growth in the Chinese market, reflecting the deep economic ties and potential for future cooperation. Ambassador Xiong Bo mentioned the surge in Chinese investment in Vietnam, indicating strong confidence in Vietnam’s market and its growth trajectory, from green energy initiatives to digital economic collaboration.

Enhancing Connectivity and People-to-People Exchanges

The ambassador stresses the importance of policy exchanges, strategic cooperation, and connectivity plans between the two nations. An emphasis on infrastructure development, such as the upgrade of key railway projects, showcases a commitment to deepening physical and digital integration. Additionally, there’s an active interest in supporting Vietnam’s industrialization, modernization, and the realization of its set development goals.

People-to-people exchange, an essential aspect of bilateral relations, is also a focus area. The ambassador suggests direct exchanges to foster genuine mutual understanding, particularly among the youth. This includes cultural, artistic, and tourism activities that can bridge the gap between the Vietnamese and Chinese people, carrying forward the tradition of brotherhood and comradeship into the future.

Recognizing the Lunar New Year at the United Nations

The 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to designate the Lunar New Year as an annual UN holiday was highlighted as a celebration of a common traditional festival for both China and Vietnam. This acknowledgment underlines the festival’s global and cultural significance, further cementing the cultural ties between the two countries.

In conclusion, Ambassador Xiong Bo extends heartfelt New Year greetings to the Vietnamese people, expressing his wish for Vietnam’s prosperity under the leadership of the CPV Central Committee. He envisions continued socio-economic development and a deepening of the strategic partnership between Vietnam and China, marked by peace, prosperity, and mutual understanding.

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