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Emerging Hub of Tradition and Modernity: Construction Begins on Aberdeen’s New Market Hall


Building Work Begins on New Market Hall in Aberdeen

Construction has officially commenced on Aberdeen’s anticipated new market hall, which promises to be a nexus for food and drink enthusiasts and a vital pedestrian link between two major shopping districts.

The new market hall is a component of the City Centre and Beach Masterplan. This initiative is happening alongside the upcoming street enhancements on Union Street Central, aiming to revitalise the city’s heart with a blend of tradition and modernity.

The initial phase of the project involves several preparatory works. These include the clearance of the site at 91-93 Union Street and the area of the former market building, alteration work to the existing structures, and a series of surveys. These surveys not only focus on archaeological and drainage assessments but also include examinations of the stonework from the previous market structure, which is planned to be reincorporated into the new development.

One of the key objectives of this redevelopment is to enhance pedestrian access. The plan includes installing escalators and lifts to better connect Union Street with the adjacent bus and railway stations through The Green. Further enhancements are expected around Hadden Street and Market Street, aiming for a seamless urban mobility experience.

The envisioned market space is designed to celebrate local merchants and feature continental-style delicatessens, cafes, and food kiosks. The architectural design integrates a mix of small retail spaces with areas designated for temporary setups. Additionally, an adaptable open space on The Green is included to host various outdoor events.

Aberdeen City Council’s co-leader, Ian Yuill, shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The market development is an opportunity to create a vibrant and exciting new destination for people to visit in the city centre.” He emphasized the project’s potential to enhance connectivity within the city’s core, revitalizing Union Street’s central role in Aberdeen’s urban life.

The development collaboration includes Hub North as the project partner and Morrison Construction as the main construction firm.

Neil Donald from Hub North expressed optimism at the onset of construction, “The commencement of construction activity on the new market marks a milestone in the project and we are looking forward to seeing the positive impact these developments will undoubtedly have as we begin to bring the vision for the city to life.”

The Central section of Union Street and the Aberdeen Market are central to the Heart of the City area of the approved City Centre and Beach Masterplan, which has seen several projects come to fruition. Completed developments include the Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Music Hall, Marischal Square, Broad Street, Provost Skene’s House, and Union Terrace Gardens, alongside infrastructural improvements that pave the way for new projects like the market hall and Union Street Central enhancements.

In a significant funding boost, the City Council announced a £20m contribution from the UK Levelling Up Fund towards the new market building and adjacent street improvements, set to further augment the project’s scope and impact on Aberdeen’s cityscape.

This ambitious project marks a significant step in reimagining Aberdeen’s city centre, promising to blend historical charm with modern vibrancy. The new market hall is poised to become a bustling hive of activity and a keystone in enhancing urban connectivity, eagerly anticipated by residents and visitors alike.

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