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Emirates Airlines’ Sustainability Initiative: Transforming Old Plane Seat Covers into School Bags for Children in Africa and Asia


Emirates: From Old Seat Covers to New Beginnings for Children in Africa and Asia

In an inspiring act of charity and sustainability, Emirates is making a significant impact on the lives of children in need across Africa and Asia by converting more than 50,000 kilograms of old airplane seat covers into new backpacks and school bags. This initiative is part of the Dubai-based airline’s extensive cabin refurbishment program, which involves nearly 200 aircraft undergoing a complete interior makeover.

With the upgrade, the dilemma of disposing of the old, yet still usable, material presented itself. Emirates, in a creative and environmentally friendly solution, decided to repurpose these Economy Class seat covers. The project is being carried out by an in-house team of designers and tailors, who are dedicated to crafting these bags for donation to various charitable organizations.

To date, Emirates has salvaged 5,205 kilograms of scrap material from 22 Airbus A380 aircraft that have received new interiors. This material is being transformed into an array of school-related bags. Ahmed Safa, Emirates’ SVP for engineering, shared his enthusiasm for the project, noting the significant volunteer support from within the company. “Countless hours have been invested into making these bags for children; it’s a true passion project for our diligent team,” Safa remarked.

Before their transformation, the recovered materials undergo a thorough cleaning process, including laundering, hand cleaning, and disinfection. The bags are then equipped with new linings, zippers, and adjustable straps, ensuring they are both durable and functional for the children who will use them.

The crafting of these bags takes place in Emirates’ engineering workshops in Dubai, by a team of tailors referred to as Engineering Maintenance Assistants. The finished products are destined for distribution among schools, orphanages, and charity foundations spread across Africa and Asia, aiming to support the educational journey of countless children.

Beyond this charitable venture, Emirates is also engaging in an upcycling project using leather from First and Business Class seats that have been replaced. This initiative sees the creation of a capsule collection of luggage, bags, and accessories, including a $130 handbag and $200 backpacks. These items, created from seat covers, seat belts, and pilot seat materials, are sold with all proceeds going towards charity.

This innovative approach not only highlights Emirates’ commitment to sustainability but also supports the airline’s goal of making a positive difference in communities around the world. Through these initiatives, Emirates is setting a commendable example of how corporations can creatively contribute to societal and environmental well-being.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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