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Empowering Africa through Digital Transformation: Highlights from Sentech Africa Tech Week 2024


Empowering Africa through Technology: Insights from Sentech Africa Tech Week 2024 – Topco Media

At the heart of efforts to drive digital transformation across Africa, Sentech Africa Tech Week 2024 emerges as a pivotal platform for fostering partnerships, innovation, and inclusivity. The event has been instrumental in bringing to light the key measures and collaborative efforts required to usher in an era of enhanced connectivity and financial inclusion across the continent.

Mmapula Kgari, acting executive of Broadband at Sentech, illuminated the company’s current endeavors aimed at bridging the digital divide. “By leveraging satellite technology and partnerships, we are making progress in connecting underserved areas and empowering communities through digital access,” Kgari stated. This initiative underscores a broader commitment towards ensuring that remote and marginalised communities are not left behind in the digital era.

On the technical facet of building a future-proof digital infrastructure in Africa, Steven Tshehla, the managed infrastructure business portfolio manager at Sentech, emphasized the significance of creating a platform that ensures accessibility and compliance in data usage. “Building a compliant platform for accessible and compliant data usage is essential for effective decision-making and customer engagement,” Tshehla remarked. This approach is foundational for not only spurring innovation but also for facilitating a more informed and connected society.

The transformative power of fintech in leveling the financial playfield was a focal point during the Tech Talk titled “Collaborating to Drive Financial Inclusion with Fintech.” Chipo Mushwana, the executive of Emerging Innovation and Payments at Nedbank, provided invaluable insights into how fintech is democratizing access to financial services, empowering marginalised populations, and bolstering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Mushwana highlighted the critical role of strategic collaborations and regulatory alignment in fast-tracking digital innovation and fostering inclusive economic growth. “Africa stands at an inflection point regarding transformation around financial services. Technology presents opportunities that will continue to enhance the livelihoods and economies of this continent. We want to partner to drive economic growth, and we want to partner to drive financial inclusion. There’s an immense amount of work that needs to be done, and we are committed to doing that as Nedbank,” she elucidated.

As the Sentech Africa Tech Week 2024 concluded, the overarching narrative was one of unity and the collective pursuit of a digital future that includes every African. Ralf Fletcher, CEO of Topco Media, reflected on the event’s outcomes: “As the curtains draw on Sentech Africa Tech Week 2024, the resounding message is clear – collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity are the cornerstones of Africa’s digital future. From leveraging AI and broadband infrastructure to unlocking the potential of fintech, stakeholders across sectors are committed to driving positive change and fostering an inclusive digital economy.”

The journey towards digital transformation in Africa is poised for significant strides forward, with partnerships and collective engagement at the helm. As stakeholders across various sectors continue to join forces, the vision for a digitally inclusive Africa becomes increasingly attainable. It is through these collaborative endeavors that Africa will navigate its course towards a brighter, more prosperous digital future for all its inhabitants.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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