Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Enhanced Connectivity Ahead: Vietnam Airlines Introduces Direct Flights to Munich Airport


Vietnam Airlines to Launch Flights from HAN and SGN to Munich Airport in Bavaria, Germany

In an exciting development for travelers, Vietnam Airlines has announced the commencement of direct flights connecting Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with Munich Airport in Bavaria, Germany. This strategic move paves the way for enhanced connectivity between Vietnam and Europe, providing passengers with more travel options and streamlined services.

Starting in October 2024, Vietnam Airlines will initiate the Munich service using the Boeing 787-9 aircraft. This modern fleet is outfitted with a configuration that caters to various passenger needs, including Business Class for those seeking luxury, Premium Economy for travellers desiring extra comfort, and Economy Class for budget-conscious passengers.

Flight Schedule and Frequency

For travelers departing from Hanoi (HAN), Vietnam Airlines has scheduled twice-weekly flights on Sundays and Fridays. The outbound flight, VN35, is slated to leave Hanoi at 23:20 and arrive at Munich Airport (MUC) at 06:05 the following day. The return flight from Munich, VN34, is set to depart at 13:35, ensuring passengers arrive back in Hanoi at 05:00 the following morning.

From Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Vietnam Airlines will initially offer weekly flights every Monday, with plans to increase frequency in December to include an additional Wednesday flight. Flight VN33 will depart from Saigon at 23:50, arriving in Munich at 06:20 the next day. On the return journey, flight VN32 will leave Munich at 12:30 and reach Saigon at 05:35 the next day.

Munich Airport is set to become the fourth European destination within Vietnam Airlines’ expanding route network, joining the ranks of Frankfurt, London-Heathrow, and Paris Charles de Gaulle. This expansion is a testament to the airline’s commitment to extending its global reach and facilitating international travel.

A Welcome Addition to Munich Airport

Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport, expressed his enthusiasm for the new routes, highlighting the importance of this development in strengthening Munich’s role as a leading European aviation hub. “The new routes will expand our range of Asian connections and reinforce Munich Airport’s position as one of the leading aviation hubs in Europe,” Lammers stated. He further emphasized the anticipated positive reception from passengers and the potential to enhance economic ties and cultural exchanges between Bavaria and Vietnam.

As Vietnam Airlines prepares to launch these new flights, travelers and businesses alike can look forward to the opportunities that increased connectivity between Vietnam and Germany will bring. Whether for business, leisure, or cultural exploration, these direct routes promise to offer a convenient and efficient travel experience.

This leap forward in aviation connectivity marks a significant milestone for Vietnam Airlines, Munich Airport, and the broader travel community. It underscores a shared vision of bringing the world closer together, fostering international collaboration, and promoting cultural understanding through enhanced air travel.

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