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Entrepreneurship: Driving Economic Growth and Global Competitiveness in Ras Al Khaimah


Entrepreneurship: A Key to Ras Al Khaimah’s Economic Growth and Global Competitiveness

In a significant development for the entrepreneurial landscape, H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, has emphasized the crucial role of technology-driven startups and innovative advancements in the growth and prosperity of national economies. Underlining the importance of nurturing young talent and converting inspiring ideas into innovative projects, Sheikh Saud highlights the strategic imperatives for overcoming global challenges across vital sectors.

The remarks were made during the inauguration of the “Seaside Startup Summit UAE 2024” held at the Longbeach Campground Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah. This pivotal event, running until 28th February, gathers more than 120 startups, over 20 international speakers and experts, alongside approximately 1,000 participants and 2,000 visitors and guests from across 30 countries. It serves as a global platform for the exchange of ideas, discussion of challenges, forging of partnerships, and enhancement of communication among startups at local, regional, and international levels.

Sheikh Saud bin Saqr stressed that entrepreneurship stands as a foundational pillar in Ras Al Khaimah’s economic strategy, significantly contributing to the emirate’s ambition to be recognized as a premier destination for entrepreneurship and business innovation. He further highlighted the pivotal role young entrepreneurs play in driving economic advancement and stressed the importance of leveraging the UAE’s promising economic opportunities to support startups across varied sectors.

Expressing a warm welcome to all participants, Sheikh Saud underscored the significance of such specialized international events for startups. These occasions foster partnerships, facilitate idea sharing among entrepreneurs from diverse global backgrounds, and provide a platform for them to exchange experiences and expertise. The ultimate aim is to cultivate a dynamic environment that encourages growth, prosperity, and expansion into international markets.

In conclusion, Ras Al Khaimah’s focus on entrepreneurship as a cornerstone for economic strategy not only underscores its commitment to innovation and economic diversification but also positions the emirate as a significant player on the global stage for entrepreneurship and business excellence. Through events like the “Seaside Startup Summit UAE 2024,” Ras Al Khaimah continues to build upon its vision of fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports young entrepreneurs and innovators in realizing their potential and achieving sustained success.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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