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Erdoğan’s Pledge to Combat Inflation: A New Era for Turkey’s Economic Landscape


Erdoan Pledges “Permanent Reduction” in Inflation

In a determined statement to the nation, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has articulated his administration’s unwavering commitment towards securing a lasting decrease in the rate of inflation, aiming to bolster the prosperity of the Turkish population.

Speaking at an event in Istanbul on May 25, President Erdoğan emphasized, “The main priority of our economic program is to increase the well-being of our nation by reducing inflation to single digits.” This declaration comes at a time when Turkey faces an uphill battle against inflation, with the annual inflation rate witnessing a rise from 68.5 percent in March to 69.8 percent in April. Despite this increase, Erdoğan remains optimistic, projecting that inflation will reach its zenith on an annual basis in May before embarking on a swift descent.

“Thus, we will enter a period of disinflation from the second half of the year. Market expectations also strongly support our forecasts,” he assured. Erdoğan further guaranteed that the country’s fiscal policy would not exert additional inflationary pressures, sharing a vision for not merely a fleeting respite but a durable diminution in inflation.

The President also addressed the aspect of investor confidence in Turkey, noting an uptick. With the Central Bank recently revising its year-end inflation forecast to 38 percent from an earlier 36 percent, while keeping its projections for 2025 and 2026 steady at 14 percent and 9 percent, respectively, Erdoğan highlighted the positive shifts in Turkey’s economic landscape. “Our country risk premium has declined to pre-pandemic levels. Interest from local and foreign investors in Turkish lira assets has increased,” he asserted, pointing out improvements in the refinancing rates of external debt for the banking and real sectors.

Despite the trend of capital outflows from developing countries in recent months, Turkey has experienced a surge in capital inflows, according to Erdoğan. With an eye on the forthcoming presidential elections in 2028, he vowed to utilize the interim period efficiently and to avoid unnecessary discord. “Hopefully, we will turn this painful period that the whole world is going through into a historic springboard for Turkey and the Turkish economy,” he stated, cautioning against heeding pessimists with ulterior motives.

In a reaffirmation of Turkey’s status as a credible hub for investment, Erdoğan voiced, “No entrepreneur who had the objective of earning by investing in Turkey later regretted this decision,” at an event in Istanbul on May 24. He further pledged to enhance cooperation on a mutually advantageous basis, with plans to elevate Istanbul’s position as a financial powerhouse.

Concluding his address, Erdoğan expressed a resounding confidence in Turkey’s future, “No one who trusted Turkey regretted it,” he said, highlighting the readiness of Turkish institutions to back investors in their endeavors. Through these measures, the administration aims for a robust economic turnaround, characterized by a substantial diminishment in inflation and a resurgence in investor confidence.

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