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EventsAir: The Australian Tech Powerhouse Orchestrating Global Gatherings


Aussie Tech Company Behind World’s Biggest Events

Imagine orchestrating the digital experience behind some of the world’s most notable gatherings, from the London Olympics 2012 and the Commonwealth Games 2022 to the G20 Summit. There’s a good chance that at one point, you’ve interacted with a platform developed by an Australian tech powerhouse you might not be familiar with — EventsAir. This homegrown technology marvel has, so far, powered over 350,000 events across the globe.

Recording over $20 million in annual revenue in the FY23-24 and boasting a workforce of 110 staff around the world, EventsAir’s influence spans continents with exports constituting more than 50% of its business. The company, in its strategic movement, is expanding its reach by working closely with Austrade to conquer new and existing markets, with a keen focus on the US market. EventsAir has stationed its Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Thornton, in Washington DC to spearhead this growth.

“EventsAir software supports just about any market,” remarks Chris Ridd, CEO of EventsAir. “If you can build to global standards, you can open up globally.” This mindset has propelled EventsAir from its foundation in 1990 to become a vital tool for conference and event managers across various sectors, including government, sport, and academia, across regions like the US, the UK, Europe, APAC, Africa, and the Middle East. A distinctive feature of EventsAir is its ability to add the ‘wow’ factor to events, especially emphasized two months into the global pandemic when it developed its OnAIR technology, enabling users to host large-scale in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

EventsAir thrives on managing large-scale, complex events, often involving intricate details requiring high levels of security and technology. “We do the events that others won’t touch,” Ridd states, underscoring the company’s unique position in handling challenging setups. This has been a journey of growth from a founder-led startup to a robustly governed organization with world-class leadership, achieved through strategic acquisitions and organic growth fueled by word-of-mouth endorsements of their quality product.

In 2022, The Riverside Company acquired a controlling share of EventsAir, providing a substantial boost for their growth plans. Today, the company is exploring the US association market with the guidance of Austrade, expecting to extend its network in New York and beyond. This collaboration amplifies EventsAir’s credibility and enhances its profile in international markets.

The company’s success has not gone unnoticed, as EventsAir was a national finalist in the 61st Australian Export Awards, a recognition that showcases Australian success on a global stage. Such accolades not only boost the company’s brand but also instill a sense of pride among the staff and clients.

Looking to the future, Ridd shares, “In 2024, we are doubling down on our efforts and looking to invest as we grow.” With Austrade’s support, EventsAir is set to make significant inroads in the US market while continuing to invest in Australian industry and talent, solidifying its position as a global leader in event technology solutions.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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