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Expanding Horizons: Titan’s CaratLane Jewellery Line Set for US Launch in FY25


Titan Seeks To Debut Its CaratLane Jewellery Line In The US In FY25

In a bold move to expand its global presence, Titan, a leading jewellery and watch retailer, has announced plans to launch its CaratLane jewellery line in the United States by FY25. This initiative marks a significant step for the company, following the successful international debut of its Tanishq brand in 2020.

The decision to introduce CaratLane overseas aligns with Titan’s strategy to tap into the growing demand from the Indian diaspora and international markets for high-quality jewellery products. With the Tanishq brand already making waves internationally, Titan aims to replicate this success with CaratLane, a brand known for its contemporary designs and innovative approaches to jewellery retail.

According to updates shared with Mint, Titan’s ambition doesn’t stop with CaratLane alone. The company has set its sights on establishing a robust international presence for its brands. “By March 2025, we hope to have 40 Tanishq stores outside India,” shared C K Venkataraman, managing director of Titan. This ambitious plan comes on the heels of Tanishq’s first successful international store launched in Dubai’s Meena Bazaar in October 2020, which marked the beginning of the brand’s global expansion.

Currently, Tanishq has made strides in establishing a global footprint, with stores now open in North America, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and Singapore. In recent developments highlighted in Titan’s Q3 FY2023-24 report, the brand expanded further in the United States with new stores in Houston and Dallas, along with another outlet in Singapore.

Additionally, Titan’s lightweight jewellery brand, Mia, has also made its international debut in Dubai, contributing to the growing tally of Titan’s international jewellery outlets. Back home in India, the company continues its aggressive expansion, boasting a total of 453 Tanishq stores, 161 Mia stores, and 8 Zoya stores.

“Currently, our focus is GCC and North America, at least for FY25. We will look at other countries after that, but the ambition within these regions is very large,” Venkataraman elucidated, underscoring Titan’s commitment to a broader international expansion.

CaratLane, founded in 2008, has established itself as a prominent player in the Indian jewellery market, competing with both traditional jewelers and new-age brands. With a turnover of INR 2,177 Cr in FY23, up from its previous years, CaratLane’s trajectory reflects its growing popularity and market presence. Despite a slight dip in net profit, the brand’s performance remains robust, underpinned by innovative offerings and a comprehensive omnichannel strategy.

In a significant development, CaratLane became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Titan earlier this year, following Titan’s acquisition of the remaining stakes in the company. This strategic move underscores the confidence Titan has in CaratLane’s potential to contribute to its international growth agenda, further enhancing its portfolio of brands that resonate with consumers globally.

As Titan forges ahead with its plans to make CaratLane a household name in the US by FY25, the company’s strategic international expansion signifies a new chapter in its mission to become a global titan in the jewellery and watch retail market.

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