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Exploring Ethiopia’s Untapped Potential: Unlocking the Livestock Sector at Beijing Forum


Ethiopia Promotes Livestock Sector at Beijing Business Forum

At a notable event hosted by the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing, the Ethiopian Livestock Value Chains Experience Sharing and Business Dialogue Forum took center stage, illuminating the path for enhanced bilateral cooperation and investment in Ethiopia’s burgeoning livestock sector.

The forum was meticulously organized to spotlight the pivotal role of the livestock sector in bolstering Ethiopia’s economy and its untapped potential for further development. Ambassador Tefera Derbew took the lead with a keynote address that skillfully outlined the Ethiopian government’s strategic endeavors aimed at modernizing the livestock value chain. His discourse emphasized on amplifying productivity and anchoring sustainability within the sector, marking a promising horizon for Ethiopia’s economic landscape.

In a detailed exposition, Senior Advisor Alemayehu Mekonnen from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Office of the State Minister for Livestock and Fisheries unraveled the layers of the government’s initiatives. These efforts are finely tuned to not just overhaul the backbone of Ethiopia’s livestock sector but to ensure it thrives on innovation and efficiency, setting a benchmark for agricultural practices worldwide.

Adding a global perspective to the dialogue, Kargbo Stephen, representing the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for the Regional Office in China, shared profound insights drawing from his experiences in both Ethiopia and China. His narrative wove the potential of collaborative ventures, paving the way for a symbiotic partnership between Ethiopia and China in the realm of livestock development.

The forum culminated with Ambassador Tefera’s compelling invitation to Chinese investors and importers of livestock products. The ambassador outlined an enticing prospect, emphasizing Ethiopia’s strategic market access, not just within its borders but extending to its neighbors. He painted a picture of Ethiopia’s livestock sector that thrives on organic practices, yielding high-quality products that stand out on the global stage. To sweeten the deal for potential investors, he underscored the attractive incentives the Ethiopian government offers, laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial economic partnership.

This event marked a significant stride towards fostering a dynamic and sustainable development of Ethiopia’s livestock sector, inviting global players to be part of a promising economic journey. With its rich agricultural heritage and strategic initiatives, Ethiopia is poised to catapult its livestock sector into a new era of prosperity and global recognition.

Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett
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