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Exploring the Seasonal Treasures of Penonome’s Public Market: A Journey through Panama’s Rich Agricultural Heritage


What’s in Season in and Around the Public Market in Penonome

When you venture into Penonome, a bustling town known for its rich history and agricultural heritage, the public market stands as a testament to its local culture and gastronomy. Nestled in the heart of Cocle province, this market remains a pivotal spot for those seeking fresh produce, meats, and a peek into the daily life of its residents. It’s a haven for food enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, offering a variety from the fertile lands of Panama.

Among the myriad of items currently available, the market is brimming with an assortment of bananas, plantains, and squashes. These staples, essential to many traditional Panamanian dishes, set the tone for a culinary exploration. Yet, the offerings at the Penonome market extend far beyond these familiar items.

Notably, the Penonome market rivals, and by some measures, surpasses, the renowned market in El Valle. A standout feature of the Penonome market is its fresh meat, poultry, and fish section, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. Adjacent to the market, visitors can find a favored bakery, known for its exceptional take on cheese bread. On my latest visit, I discovered small loaves enriched with herbs scattered atop the melted cheese, a delightful variation that beckoned for a taste.

The heart and soul of the market, however, are its fruit, vegetable, beans, and grains vendors. These stalls illustrate the essence of a farming town with roots stretching back to colonial times. But the offerings aren’t limited to just food products. Upstairs, a section dedicated to handicrafts showcases the artistry of local trades, adding another dimension to the market experience. Outside the building, additional vendors and a variety of farm and garden-oriented businesses encircle the market, creating a vibrant tapestry of local commerce.

Traveling by bus, the worries of traffic and parking that often deter visitors from downtown Penonome are alleviated. It is a journey made easier for those like myself, who prefer the simplicity of public transportation. There’s hope that future infrastructure improvements will further ease access to this central hub of activity.

As I meandered through the market, camera in hand, it became apparent that the presence of tourists was not the norm. The curious glances from locals only added to the feeling that this was not your typical tourist destination. Instead, it’s a place where the everyday lives of people intersect with the pulse of the Panamanian economy.

The Penonome public market, with its rich assortment of products and vibrant atmosphere, represents more than just a shopping destination. It’s a window into the soul of a community, offering insights into the traditions, cuisine, and way of life in Penonome. Whether you’re in search of fresh ingredients for your next meal, unique handicrafts, or simply a glimpse into local life, the market welcomes all who visit. It’s a reminder that, in the heart of Cocle, the economy thrives not just on currency, but on the richness of culture and heritage that defines this Panamanian town.

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