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Fiberwood: Paving the Way for Sustainable Packaging and Insulation Through €7.7 Million Investment


Fiberwood Secures €7.7 Million Investment for Eco-friendly Insulation and Packaging Solutions

In a notable stride toward sustainable development, Fiberwood Ltd, a Finnish startup specializing in materials technology, has successfully secured €7.7 million in growth funding. This significant financial boost comes from a blend of existing shareholders, Metsä Spring and Stephen Industries, alongside various public financiers. This injection of funds is slated to propel Fiberwood into the commercial sphere, marking the beginning of its journey towards international expansion.

Since its inception in 2019, Fiberwood has been at the forefront of promoting sustainable solutions within the construction and packaging sectors. The company prides itself on its innovative approach to creating circular, fossil-free materials. By harnessing forestry side streams and other natural fibres, Fiberwood has developed groundbreaking technology and production processes. These advancements pave the way for the production of ecological, recyclable, and resource-efficient alternatives to mineral wool-based insulation and cellular plastic-based packaging materials.

“Our products not only present environmentally friendly alternatives but also introduce the possibility of using sustainable products in completely new applications,” remarked Fiberwood’s CEO, Tage Johansson. His vision for Fiberwood encompasses a future where green insulation and packaging solutions are the norm, driving positive change in both the environment and industry standards.

The company embarked on its development journey with a €3 million funding round in spring 2023, which was primarily aimed at furthering its technological advancements. The recent funding round will facilitate the construction of a test line. This critical development phase will allow Fiberwood to refine its product concept, ensuring its scalability for industrial application, and to expedite its research and development endeavors. The objective is clear: to produce fully market-compatible products that meet the demands of commercial projects and clients.

Fiberwood’s journey is marked by strategic collaborations and product development projects with key customers. These partnerships are nearing fruition, with the company on the brink of cementing its first series of commercial agreements. Such milestones are indicative of Fiberwood’s growing reputation as a trailblazer in the materials technology space.

“This recent investment round significantly bolsters our stance as a materials technology innovator. It lays the groundwork for our future production capabilities while minimizing initial risks. Our focus on process technology not only sets us apart but also reinforces our competitive edge, contributing vastly to the development of Finnish forestry and materials technology expertise,” Johansson elaborated.

Fiberwood’s commitment to developing fossil-free insulation and packaging materials represents more than a business venture; it embodies a pivotal move towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious planet. By reimagining the potential of forestry waste, Fiberwood is crafting valuable, recyclable, and carbon-sequestering solutions that promise to redefine industry standards across the globe. Their breathable, compostable insulation and packaging materials stand as testament to the potential for ecological alternatives to traditional solutions, marking a significant leap forwards in the quest for greener, cleaner construction and packaging solutions.

Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling
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