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Filigran Raises $16 Million for OpenCTI: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Threat Management Suite


OpenCTI Maker Filigran Secures $16 Million Funding for Cybersecurity Threat Management Suite

In a significant move within the cybersecurity industry, Paris-based startup Filigran, known for its development of the open-source threat intelligence platform OpenCTI, has successfully raised approximately $16 million. This funding round was prominently supported by Accel, alongside contributions from existing investors Moonfire Ventures and Motier Ventures, signaling strong confidence in Filigran’s vision and strategic direction.

At the heart of Filigran’s innovative offerings is OpenCTI. This platform serves as a comprehensive threat intelligence solution, enabling users to aggregate and process threat data from a myriad of sources all within a singular, user-friendly interface. What sets OpenCTI apart is its modular design, allowing for seamless integration and enrichment of data through connectors from notable threat intel providers such as CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, and Sekoia. This adaptability positions OpenCTI as a versatile tool, accommodating a bring-your-own-data model that caters to varied cybersecurity needs.

One of the key features of OpenCTI is its robust support for relationships between entities, furnishing cybersecurity teams with critical context for threat investigation. Furthermore, OpenCTI incorporates diverse data visualization methods, enhancing the clarity and comprehensibility of threat data. With these capabilities, OpenCTI has emerged as a vital instrument for daily incident management within cybersecurity teams, offering a viable alternative to platforms like ThreatQuotient, Anomali, and EclecticIQ.

Co-founder and CEO Samuel Hassine emphasized the holistic nature of OpenCTI, describing it as a tool that “provides a consolidated view of your threat environment, covering both technical and strategic aspects.” This comprehensive approach not only aids in detecting threats but also supports enhanced security incident responses and risk analyses for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

The genesis of OpenCTI traces back to the collaborative efforts of Samuel Hassine and Julien Richard prior to establishing Filigran. Their backgrounds — Hassine’s experience at France’s ANSSI and Tanium, along with Richard’s leadership in engineering data-driven products — laid a solid foundation for their venture. The project’s transition from a side endeavor to the core of a thriving startup reflects Filigran’s impressive growth trajectory, boasting over 4,000 GitHub stars, 10 million downloads of OpenCTI’s open-source edition, and a client list that includes names like Marriott, Thales, Airbus, the FBI, the European Commission, and the Dutch police.

Beyond OpenCTI, Filigran has introduced OpenBAS, an attack simulation tool designed to facilitate the creation and management of exercise scenarios. This product integrates seamlessly with OpenCTI, leveraging the threat intelligence data for enhanced scenario realism and efficacy. Filigran plans to expand its portfolio further with additional products focusing on data-driven risk analysis and crisis management, forming an extensive Threat Management (XTM) product suite.

With an ambitious vision for the XTM Suite, Filigran aims to deliver a cohesive suite of products that offer greater value when utilized collectively. As the company continues to expand, with plans to establish a presence in the U.S. and increase its team size, the recent funding marks a pivotal step in their journey to redefine cybersecurity threat management.

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